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New Roland Blues Cube Guitar Amps

Plug Into Classic Tube Tone

Roland Blues Cube Artist and Blues Cube Stage Guitar Amplifiers

Roland Blues Cube Artist and Blues Cube Stage Guitar Amplifiers.

Guitar players love finely tuned vintage tube amps, and for good reason. They sound great, with sweet clean and distortion tones and big, open, transparent sound. On top of that, they also feel great to play, putting an interactive responsiveness under your fingers that directly connects your musical ideas with the sound. This experience is so transcendent that we gladly put up with the downsides of tube amps—they’re expensive, fragile, costly to maintain, and weigh a ton! But now, there’s another choice. Powered by Roland’s breakthrough Tube Logic design approach, the new Blues Cube Artist and Blues Cube Stage deliver authentic tube sound and feel in practical modern amps built for pro players. More

New BOSS Waza Craft Pedals: BD-2W, SD-1W, and DM-2W

Special Edition Stomps with Customized Sound


It’s time to clear some space on your pedalboard—the new BOSS Waza Craft pedals have just been announced! Featuring refined circuit designs and all-analog components, the Waza Craft line provides guitarists the ultimate BOSS tone experience. The debut of this special edition series includes the BD-2W Blues Driver, SD-1W Super Overdrive, and DM-2W Delay. All three pedals deliver the famous sound signatures of the past and present BOSS pedals they’re based on, plus switchable modes for customized tones sought after by serious players. More

New Roland CUBE-10GX Guitar Amplifier

Customize Amp Types with Your iOS or Android Device


New CUBE-10GX Guitar Amplifier

Great sounding, portable, and built to last, Roland’s CUBE-GX series has become the benchmark in compact amps since its introduction in 2013. The newest family member, the CUBE-10GX, packs the sweet tone and onboard effects you expect from a CUBE into a very small size that’s perfect for bedroom practice and jamming with friends. But the CUBE-10GX has a new trick up its sleeve as well—via the free CUBE KIT app, you can easily customize the onboard amp types from your smart phone or tablet! More

Remix Any Song Without Track Stems

Go Beyond Sampling and Looping

Remix Any Song Without Track Stems marquee image

Remix Any Song Without Track Stems

Have you ever wanted just the vocal part of a song? Or, how about the opposite, where you wish you had just the backing track? DJs and remix producers go through great lengths to acquire track stems, loops, acapellas, and other bite-size sections of songs for sampling and remixing. In the old days of DJing, the only way to create a loop was to have two of the same record, which made it possible to capture and extend a portion of a song by reversing and crossfading between both pieces of vinyl. When CDJs became available, looping could happen with the push of a button. And now, with computers, DVS systems, and Loop Stations, it’s easier than ever to remix with loops. More

Play Anything with Your Drum Set, Anything…

Mickey Hart Plays the Sounds of Outer Space

drum set drumstix

Play Anything with Your Drum Set, Anything…

If we said that you could play the sounds of outer space with your drum set, would you believe us? We had a hard time believing it ourselves, but that’s exactly what Mickey Hart did at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival with Skrillex. Actually, Mickey plays the sounds of the universe all the time through RAMU (Random Access Musical Universe). RAMU is Mickey’s personal sound library that he’s collected over decades. It includes rare and unique percussion instruments from around the world, historical sound bites, speeches, and the sounds of planets. According to Mickey, the planetary sound vibrations are captured from radio satellites, which he then treats for “sonification” to be playable music tones in Ableton Live. Technically, RAMU could be triggered from any MIDI device, however the V-Drums make the articulation of real drumming possible.

CONTEST: Win a TD-4KP V-Drum Portable

Ends June 31, 2014 More

True Bypass vs. Buffered Effects Pedals

How Long Are Your Cables?


What’s the difference between True Bypass and Buffered Effects Pedals?

This article is intended to clarify a topic that is often surrounded by misinformation. Our intention is to present the facts and help the reader make informed decisions about using buffered and true bypass pedals, and to achieve the best tone.      

Tone matters. To guitar players, it’s that simple. Tone is the Holy Grail, the ultimate quest. But how do you get great tone? With so much guitar gear available, and with so much conflicting information out there, we’d like to clear up some of the confusion about the guitar signal path, stompbox pedals (both true-bypass and buffered), and other things that affect tone.

To get the best tone out of your rig, it’s important to understand the following principles and make decisions about cables and pedals based on them. More

Marty Friedman’s New Album – Inferno

Win an Autographed BR-80 Digital Recorder

Marty Friedman’s music career reads like a boxing champ’s intro. It includes playing with hit bands like Megadeth and Cacophony, multiple Grammy nominations, film, television, and more. To celebrate his latest accomplishment, the release of his new studio album – Inferno, we’re giving away an autographed MICRO BR-80 Digital Recorder. According to his interview in Guitar World, Inferno is the most intense writing and playing that he has done so far.

CONTEST: BR-80 Autographed by Marty Friedman

Ends June 31, 2014 More

5 Steps to Become a Keytar Shredder

Practice Tips and Tools

5 Ways to Become a Keytar Shredder

Win a Lucina AX-09 Keytar in White or Sparkling Black

Keyboard players from another era had a great idea: “Let’s get out from behind our boards and shine.” And, the keytar was born. While some remember this instrument as a relic of the eighties, make no mistake, the keytar back, and it’s racking up cool points all over the place! And that’s not just marketing speak. The proof is in the pudding, on stages all over the world. So, let’s discuss how some of the features on Roland’s most versatile keytar, the Lucina AX-09, can help you become a keytar shredder. And then you, too, can join your front man and guitar player on stage.

CONTEST: Win a Lucina AX-09

Ends May 31, 2014 More

Video: MDP for the Modern Guitarist

Pete Thorn’s Demo of the OD-1X OverDrive & DS-1X Distortion Effects Pedals

MDP for the Modern Guitarist

BOSS OD-1X OverDrive and DS-1X Distortion

Guitar nerd Pete Thorn, delivers a detailed demo of the BOSS OD-1X Overdrive and DS-1X Distortion effects pedals. He gives a play-by-play explanation of the pedals with low-gain, single-coil sounds, high-gain sounds and humbucker. He also demonstrates how the technology in these pedals responds to his playing and what it means to the modern guitarist. More