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Ed’s Guide to Workstation Studio Sets

Hit the Ground Running with the FA-06/FA-08
FA Workstation Studo Set

If you’ve used some of Roland’s earlier workstations, you’re probably familiar with multiple Sound Modes. One of the first things you’ll notice when using the new FA series workstations is that there is only one – Studio Set. There is a benefit to only having one, but first let’s take a look at how some of our other workstations operate with multiple modes. More

A Star-Studded Lineup for Light Up The Blues

John Mayer and Crosby, Stills & Nash Headline 2nd Benefit Concert


2nd Light Up The Blues Concert – An Evening Of Music To Benefit Autism Speaks
(L-R) Graham Nash, Stephen Stills, John Mayer and David Crosby

The annual Light Up The Blues Concert benefiting Autism Speaks is a star-studded showcase that inspires solidarity for the often misunderstood condition affecting millions of families. Crosby, Stills & Nash (CSN), John Mayer, Don Felder, Brandi Carlile and Chris Stills headlined the show on April 5, alongside several talented artists on the autism spectrum including indie-rock artist Xolie Morra and The Strange Kind, rapper Rio “Soulschocka” Wyles with guest artist Watsky, and cellist Adam Mandela Walden. CSN musician Stephen Stills and his wife Kristen Stills hosted the sold-out event at the newly refurbished Theatre @ the Ace in downtown Los Angeles, bringing together 1,600 people and raising more than $320,000 for the organization. More

Make the Perfect Kit with Drum Effects

Apply These Rules to V-Drums, Percussion Pads, & Sample Pads

Roland TD-30 module drum effects

Drum Effects on the TD-30 Sound Module

Author: Roland UK Features Team

A drummer’s sound is not just down to the tone of the drum itself.  By using the built-in drum effects, it’s possible to just about recreate any drum sound you like and perform it with V-Drums.

Think of your favorite drummer. Now think of a favorite track (or album) they performed on, one that you know well.  When you listen back to that track, it’s different to other tracks or albums they performed on, right? Sure, the drummer’s style, groove, and playing ability all define their sound – but that’s not what we’re discussing here. Part of the drum sound on that track is down to the actual kit they used, where it was recorded, how and even when they recorded it. More

6 Ways Keyboard Workstations Help Your Creativity

Get Your Musical Ideas Down Quickly & Easily with the FA-06 & FA-08

660x270 keyboard workstation

Author: Adrian Marsi (Roland Canada)

Why Go Workstation?

It may be hard to see the need for a keyboard workstation these days, as the computer is rapidly taking over the music creation workflow. But the new FA-06 and FA-08 Music Workstations from Roland give simple reasons to their existence—they allow you to get musical ideas down quickly and easily. This is something that musicians relying on computers have struggled with for a long time. More

New BOSS VE-2 Vocal Harmonist

Vocal Stompbox with Effects and Guitar-Driven Harmonies

VE-2 Vocal Harmonist

VE-2 Vocal Harmonist

If you’re a singing guitarist or a solo vocalist, the new VE-2 Vocal Harmonist makes it easy to achieve polished vocal sounds with rich harmonies everywhere you perform. Compact and affordable, the VE-2 features automatic harmonies that can be controlled by a guitar input and/or manual settings, plus effects, automatic pitch correction, and more. The VE-2 also has USB connectivity for recording processed vocal sounds in computer software, great for both song production applications and capturing studio-quality sounds for YouTube videos. More

New BOSS GP-10 Guitar Processor

Instrument Modeling, Altered Tunings, Multi-FX, and Beyond

GP-10 guitar processor

GP-10 Guitar Processor

Featuring a powerful instrument modeling engine and diverse multi-effects, the new GP-10 Guitar Processor puts an incredible sonic spectrum under your fingers. Driven by BOSS’ acclaimed COSM technology, the GP-10 gives you instant access to guitar, bass, and synth models, tuning changes, and world-class amps and effects, all in one convenient pedal. In addition to providing unparalleled versatility for stage playing, the GP-10’s unique multi-channel audio capabilities and guitar-to-MIDI conversion open new creative opportunities for music production in the studio. More

New Roland CUBE Street EX Battery-Powered Amp

A Powerful & Versatile PA for Mobile Musicians

CUBE Street EX Battery-Powered Amp

The CUBE Street has been a mainstay among street musicians and traveling performers since its release, offering great sound in a highly mobile, battery-powered amp. Now, Roland kicks up the performance big time with the impressive new CUBE Street EX, delivering more of everything for the needs of on-the-go gigging musicians, including more power, more channels, and more versatility. More

BOSS GT-100 Version 2.0 Update

New Features Added to the Flagship COSM Amp Effects Processor


GT-100 Version 2.0 is here! BOSS’ top-of-the-line guitar floor processor gets a big performance upgrade, adding even more great features for stage and studio playing. Available as a free download for all GT-100 owners, Version 2.0 makes the flagship multi-effects more powerful than ever before, with new amps and effects, enhanced USB audio capabilities, guitar-to-MIDI conversion, BOSS TONE STUDIO support, and more.

Download BOSS GT-100 Version 2.0


New BOSS GT-001 Guitar Effects Processor

Pro Tones in a Desktop Audio Interface

GT-001 Guitar Effects Processor

GT-001 Guitar Effects Processor

The new GT-001 Guitar Effects Processor puts the flagship tones of BOSS’ GT-100 Version 2.0 floor-based multi-effects inside a stylish, compact, and affordable USB audio interface for desktop or mobile DAW recording. In addition to guitar connectivity and world-class amps and effects, the GT-001 also includes an XLR mic input for capturing vocals and acoustic instruments. And with the free BOSS TONE STUDIO software (available at BOSS TONE CENTRAL), it’s simple to edit and organize your GT-001 patches right from your computer. More