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Control the INTEGRA-7 with Ableton Push

A Step-by-Step Guide

Integra-7 with ableton push

Control the INTEGRA-7 with Ableton Push

The INTEGRA-7 Module holds over six thousand tones. These include tones using Roland’s proprietary SuperNATURAL technology and thousands of Roland’s classic EDM phrases, drum kits, and hits from the built-in SRX expansion boards. This makes the INTEGRA-7 a great library of sounds to expand your sonic choices alongside Ableton or any DAW. More

New Product: BOSS RC-1 Loop Station

Simple and Fun

BOSS RC-1 Loop Station

BOSS RC-1 Loop Station pedal.

Since 2001, BOSS has led the looping universe with a continuous string of innovative, trendsetting Loop Station products. Currently, five different BOSS loopers serve the needs of all types of musicians, from guitarists and other instrumentalists to traditional vocalists and cutting-edge beatboxers. While the more advanced Loop Stations include an enormous array of creative features to choose from, some musicians like to keep things straightforward and simple. If that sounds like you, the new RC-1 Loop Station is your ideal choice, offering streamlined operation that makes it easier than ever to add looping to your rig. More

New Product: Roland TD-1K V-Drums

V-Drums Playability and Education Features in an Affordable Entry-Level Kit

Roland TD-1K V-Drums

Roland TD-1K V-Drums.

Pros, educators, and drum fans everywhere agree—Roland’s V-Drums are second to none in the world of electronic percussion. They sound great, they’re built to last, and they feel great to play, with a musical response that fully supports authentic acoustic playing techniques. Now, the newest member of the respected V-Drums family has substantially raised the bar for entry-level drum sets. Offering true V-Drums quality at an incredible price, the TD-1K brings an all-new level of playability and performance to beginning players, students, and home-based drummers everywhere. More

Top Guitarists Choose CUBE Amps

The Pro’s Choice for Premium Tone On the Go

Roland CUBE amps

Roland CUBE-GX Guitar Amplifiers.

Packing a versatile selection of sweet tones and onboard effects into durable designs that are built to last, Roland’s CUBE amp series has long been the top compact choice for pros gigging in town, weekend hobbyists, and beginning guitarists. But did you know that many of the world’s best-known players love CUBE amps as well? That’s right—these amazing guitarists can play whatever they want, and they turn to the CUBE whenever they need a convenient, great-sounding amp for practice at home, backstage warm-up, and even small club dates and recording sessions. More

Adjusting Pad Sensitivity for TD-15 V-Drums

Customize V-Drums to Your Drumming Style
TD-15: How to Adjust Pad Sensitivity

All drummers play drums differently. Some play soft, others play hard. Using different dynamic levels while playing can not only distinguish a drummer’s style, but also has an immediate and audible result on the sound that is produced.  Adjusting the sensitivity of electronic drum pads allows you to customize them to fit your particular playing style. For example, if you’re mainly a soft player, then you may want to increase the sensitivity, so the lighter taps trigger more easily. The reverse is also true, by lowering the value you will decrease the sensitivity of the pad.  Adjusting the sensitivity is not the same as adjusting the head tension, but rather how the sound module receives and translates information from the pads. In other words, increasing the sensitivity will make softer strokes louder, and decreasing the sensitivity will require a stronger stroke to produce accurate triggering from the pads. Adjusting  pad sensitivity is a feature on the TD-15 and other Roland Drum and Percussion Sound Modules.

Find a V-Drums Dealer

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Gig Smarter, Pack a Light Piano

Apply the Best Travel Advice to Your Live Rig

RD-64 Digital Piano light piano

Pack a light piano—the RD-64 is only 28 pounds!

For the longest time before accepting a piano gig, there were always three thoughts that looped in my head over and over again—one, the weight of my stage piano; two, the size of my stage piano; and three, the trade-off of substituting my stage piano for a light piano. Aside from my moaning and groaning, I’ll have you know that I always ended up taking my 88-key beast to the gig. This type of instrument can easily weigh 60 pounds or more, not to mention the added weight and size of the case. Ugh! The entire package can easily weigh about 150 pounds. Without a buddy to help me move it, I thought my back would snap, especially after the gig while struggling to fit it into my car. However, the biggest killer was having to carry it up to my third floor apartment. What a drag! Fortunately, I’ve now found an excellent alternative to lugging around a full-size stage piano to every show.

CONTEST: Win an RD-64 Digital Piano

Ends August 31, 2014 More

AIRA Update 1.1 is Now Available

New Functions & Features for the TR-8, TB-3, VT-3 & SYSTEM-1


AIRA Update 1.1 adds new features & functions to the entire AIRA family

The entire AIRA family has received AIRA update 1.1 with exciting and useful new features requested by users from around the globe. Easy to install and free for all users, this update includes enhancements to the whole line, such as backup and restore facilities and better overall MIDI management. It also provides a wealth of product-specific enhancements, such as external MIDI pitch control for VT-3, tuning control for TB-3, and instrument gain control for the TR-8. AIRA update 1.1 includes the following functions and features:


Pierce The Veil Announces World Tour

Win a DS-1X Distortion Signed by Tony Perry


Win a DS-1X Dostortion Signed by Pierce the Veil’s Tony Perry

There’s a lot to be excited about in watching the progression of Pierce The Veil’s ten-year ascendance into rock stardom. The band, Mike Fuentes, Vic Fuentes, Tony Perry, and Jaime Preciado, have been going at it since 2006 with the release of their first-studio album, A Flair for the Dramatic. Fast-forward to 2014, and the boys of Pierce The Veil are globetrotting veterans. This week, their latest world tour was announced with show dates in the U.S., Europe, Australia, Japan and others. They’ll be sharing the stage with Sleeping With Sirens, Beartooth and This Wild Life.

CONTEST: Win a BOSS DS-1X Distortion Signed by Tony Perry

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Nate Morton: My TR-8 Setup for The Voice

How to Trigger the TR-8 from Your Drumset

Nate Morton: My TR-8 Setup for The Voice

Nate Morton’s hybrid kit for The Voice includes acoustic drums, V-Drums and a TR-8

EDM has definitely become part of the pop musical lexicon and is the backbeat to much of today’s music. So much so, that I recently received a call from Nate Morton, the drummer for NBC’s The Voice, who told me that more and more contestants where competing with EDM tracks. As a result, Nate was looking for a convenient way to be able to add EDM sounds alongside his acoustic rig. Nate, and his drum tech, Steve Morrison (of Drum Tech Services) had brought an original TR-808 into rehearsals, and were determined to integrate these classic sounds. Because space was an issue, along with needing the most realistic 808 sounds possible that could be triggered by MIDI, we decided to experiment with a TD-15K V-Drums Kit, triggering an AIRA TR-8 Rhythm Composer. What we discovered was that the AIRA engineers had not let us down, enabling the TR-8 to easily integrate as a sound module for V-Drums. For V-Drums enthusiasts, adding a TR-8 to your rig is easy, inexpensive and gives an edge to your sound that you won’t find anywhere else.

Nate Morton TR-8 Setup Step-by-Step PDF