Choosing a Roland V-Drums Kit is Easier Than You Think!

We’ve Got a Kit Just for You

Roland V-Drums Kit

With the ever increasing popularity of electronic drums, and the seemingly endless variety of choices in the market, choosing the correct kit for not only your budget but for your needs can be daunting. Roland offers a complete family of V-Drums kits from beginning sets to full professional models to simplify your decision-making process. Lets have a look at the current V-Drums line-up.

 HD-3 V-Drums Lite


Designed primarily for beginners, the HD-3 V-Drums Lite features a unique all in one design that is easy to set up and operate. The modern, clean look makes it a welcome addition to any household, and it is also compact enough to fit in the corner of a bedroom. The components are easily adjusted and can be set low or high, making this an ideal choice for the reach of small children. The quiet, integrated pedal design includes a great playing feel and minimizes noise and vibration through floors and ceilings, making this the most family and neighbor-friendly kit around. A dual-trigger mesh head snare pad, responsive cloth style tom pads, dual zone cymbal pads with choke, and expressive hi-hat pedal control enhance the playability. The HD-3 includes 20 preset drum kits, clearly marked function buttons, a built-in metronome with tempo control, and an easy to read display. Like all V-Drums kits, connectors include a headphone jack, an audio-output jack, a Mix-in jack (for connecting a MP3 or CD player), and a MIDI-out connector for interfacing with a home computer* to access optional software like Roland’s DT-1 Drum Tutor or the Free application, V-Drums Friend Jam.

*Requires a MIDI to USB interface. Sold separately.

TD-4KP V-Drums Portable


For the drummer on the go, the TD-4KP V-Drums Portable is the ultimate mobile kit. The innovative folding design allows for quick set-up, rapid breakdown and easy transport/storage. When collapsed, the entire drum kit can fit in the optional CB-TDP bag and be placed easily in a car trunk or the back seat. The TD-4KP is outfitted with responsive rubber pads for the snare and toms, dual-trigger cymbal pads for crash, ride, and hi-hat, and a hi-hat control pedal. The compact and innovative kick pad mounts directly to the stand and uses a standard acoustic kick pedal. The included TD-4 Drum Module features 125 expressive sounds and 25 different kits to cover any musical style. The tuning and muffling for kick and snare sounds can be quickly edited using the front panel controls, and you can also assign any sound to any pad within a kit, allowing you to quickly customize your sound.

TD-11K/ TD-11KV  V-Drums Compact Series


The V-Drums Compact Series has been a staple in the Roland line-up for years, and the latest incarnation is no exception. SuperNATURAL powered with extremely expressive sounds and great playability, the included TD-11 Drum Sound Module features 190 quality sounds and 50 internal kits. Additional customization includes, tuning, muffling, snare buzz, tone color, ambience type and 4 band EQ. Built-in Coach exercises, play-along songs, and the push-button ease of Quick Record makes practice sessions effective and fun. USB and MIDI connectivity allow for even more creativity possibilities.

Mounted on the sturdy MDS-4V stand, the V-Compact Series comes in two different configurations: the TD-11K which includes a mesh-head dual trigger snare pad, three gum rubber tom pads, and two dual-trigger cymbal pads. The TD-11KV is Roland’s most affordable all-mesh-head kit and includes larger V-Cymbals with a 3-way trigger capable ride cymbal pad. Both versions offer the KD-9 kick trigger pad and an expressive hi-hat combination that includes a dual-trigger pad and hi-hat control pedal.

TD-15K/KV V-Drums Tour Series


Consisting of the TD-15K and TD-15KV drum sets, the venerable V-Tour Series adds professional features to this range of the V-Drums family. Featuring 500 expressive sounds and 100 internal kits, the SuperNATURAL powered TD-15 Drum Sound Module also adds a Quick Edit function to instantly access sound-editing parameters, a separate headphone volume knob, two additional trigger inputs for adding more pads or cymbals, and more. The metronome can be routed to headphones only, making it ideal for on-stage use.

Mounted on the rugged MDS-9V stand, both kit models include dual-trigger mesh pads, with the TD-15KV utilizing larger diameter mesh pads and the expressive VH-11 V-Hi-Hat, which mounts on a standard acoustic hi-hat stand.

TD-30K/KV V-Drums Pro Series


For over 15 years, the V-Drums V-Pro Series has set the standard by which all other brands of electronic drum sets are measured. The latest models, the TD-30K and TD-30KV take expressive and dynamic drumming to a new level. The series is centered around the SuperNATURAL TD-30 Drum Sound Module, with over 1000 sounds, extensive editing, and a host of professional features, including 15 lightning-fast, dual-trigger inputs, multiple audio outputs, and physical faders that feature a dedicated Ambience fader for real-time control of overhead and room microphone simulation, plus reverb for stunning results.

The TD-30K includes mesh V-Pads for kick, snare, and three toms, along with V-Cymbals that feature a pair of dual-trigger crash cymbals, a three-way ride, and the V-11 V-Hi-Hat. The flagship TD-30KV includes all-mesh pads for snare, four tom pads, and the ultra-rugged KD-140 kick pad. The snare and tom V-Pads include an improved rim sensor for increased sensitivity. All V-Pads include the ability to interchange the shell wraps to customize the look of the kit. The TD-30KV also includes a full array of V-Cymbals, and the advanced VH-13-MG V-Hi-Hat. Both kits are mounted on road-worthy stands with an internal cabling system for a clean professional look and quick set-up.

Take the V-Drums Challenge

With all these great choices, features and product specifications are just a part of the story. With any drum set, playing is believing. We invite you to play Roland V-Drums. Compare the feel, responsiveness, sound quality, and construction to other brands of electronic drum sets. We’re confident that you’ll agree that Roland makes the finest and most versatile electronic drums and percussion available.