Pat Kennedy V-Drums Training Camp

How to Prepare for the V-Drums World Championship


This is an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at U.S. National Champion Pat Kennedy preparing for the V-Drums World Championship 2. He’ll be representing the U.S. during the V-Drums World Championship in Frankfurt, Germany on Thursday, April 11, 2013. And Roland is giving everyone around the world a front row seat to watch the event live, online! Check the V-Drums contest website for all the streaming details, and join us for the show if you can. Go Pat!

Patrick Kennedy (USA)

Patrick Kennedy (USA)

Like Pat Kennedy, each contestant is already a champion, having won their respective national V-Drums contests, but climbing to this level has been far from easy. In order to adhere to an interesting twist in Roland’s V-Drums contest rules, contestants had to learn and incorporate an additional piece of Roland gear for their national championship showdown. Each regional finalist won the opportunity to choose his or her prize, an SPD-30 or an SPD-SX. (Pat chose an SPD-SX.) Then, each national champion went on to win a TD-30KV V-Drums flagship electronic drum kit. With the playing field as level as possible for the world championship event —  TD-30KVs, SPD-SXs and SPD-30s at each drummers’ disposal — the pressure to shine creatively and technically will be higher than ever, and the competition will be fierce.

What’s the difference between the SPD-SX and the SPD-30, any way?

The first V-Drums World Championship contest attracted hundreds of talented drummers from around the world. These were narrowed down to 16 finalists who traveled to the world final in Anaheim, California during Winter NAMM 2012. After a night of spectacular performances, the top honor finally went to drummer Baard Kolstad of Norway who beat out the U.S. national champion JP Bouvet.  Judges were impressed not only with Baard’s drumming ability but also with his use of the technology available on his Roland V-Drums kit.

Based on the contestant lineup below, the judges have a tough job on their hands trying to choose a winner for this year’s V-Drums World Championship. Meanwhile, each drummer must impress the panel of judges with technique, creative rhythm, use of technology, and of course, great showmanship.

What are your thoughts on the U.S. national champion Pat Kennedy’s preparation? Do you have a favorite drummer from the list below? Will Pat bring home the world title?


Dirk Brand – Musician, V-Drums Specialist (event host as well)
Craig Blundell – UK Songwriter, Producer, Journalist, V-Drums Clinician
Tommy Snyder – Drummer, Singer
Florian Alexandru-Zorn – Drummer, Lecturer, Journalist
Mark Van Schaik – Journalist
Rich Chamberlain – Journalist
Axel Mikolajczak – Journalist