BK-9 Backing Keyboard

BK-9 Debuts at Musikmesse 2013

Roland BK-9 Backing Keyboard

Roland BK-9 Backing Keyboard

If you’re looking for a premium auto-accompaniment instrument that’s easy to carry and simple to use, then check out the BK-9, the all-new flagship backing keyboard from Roland. The latest addition to the popular BK lineup is truly a powerhouse performer, with over 1,700 professional sounds, a 16-track sequencer, USB recording/playback, and much more. It’s also filled with full-ensemble accompaniments in almost every musical style imaginable, letting you lead the world’s most versatile backing band as you play. Perfect for solo/duo performers, songwriters, and casual hobbyists playing at home or social gatherings, the BK-9 puts inspiration under your fingertips.

BK-9 Front Panel

Check out just a few of the BK-9’s top-level features:

  • Over 1,700 sounds and 70 drum kits, including 22 of Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL® sounds and 500 all-new tones
  • 540 rhythm accompaniments, remastered with the BK-9’s superior tones and effects
  • Studio-quality effects, including five independent multi-effects engines and dedicated mastering effects
  • A simple user interface designed for performing, with dual displays, an intuitive panel layout, onboard mixing with faders, favorite tones, music assistants, and much more
  • 16-track sequencer for song composition and Rhythm Composer for creating and customizing accompaniments
  • Audio playback and recording via USB flash memory
  • XLR mic input and video output for displaying lyrics and photos
  • Free iPad apps for displaying lyrics, managing tones, and more

And that’s just the start! Learn all about the BK-9 Backing Keyboard at RolandConnect.com.