Recording with AUTO-SENS Technology

Roland AUTO-SENS sets recording levels automatically


Have you ever been frustrated setting the input levels for a recording session? Getting the levels “just right” can be time consuming and gets in the way of the creative process. To solve this problem we developed AUTO-SENS technology for our audio interfaces. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to recording, this technology will save you time, headaches and even stream line that all-so-coveted creative process. Roland’s STUDIO-CAPTURE, OCTA-CAPTURE and QUAD-CAPTURE all feature AUTO-SENS technology which automatically sets the recording levels for optimal recording into your DAW.

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Before AUTO-SENS you had to manually set the level of each individual input prior to recording. This was both tedious and time-consuming. Now, you simply activate AUTO-SENS and play the connected instruments. AUTO-SENS will automatically set the optimum input levels for each source.



Here’s how AUTO-SENS works…

Initially the level of each input is not adjusted to match the input signal.

  • Press the AUTO-SENS button on the front panel or in the software Control Panel, and then select the input channels you want to set.
  • When you play the instruments or sing into the mics, the input levels are set automatically. This unique and innovative function is a real-world time saver and makes getting ready for a session quick and easy.
  • The latest model STUDIO-CAPTURE has a graphical AUTO-SENS window that lets you adjust 16 inputs simultaneously.

So there you have it; one push of a button eliminates the tedious effort of setting input levels, which allows you to get recording right away with any DAW. Roland strives to develop gear that will work hard for you so that you can worry about more important things like finding your groove. What do you think about this technology? Is it something you’d find useful?