V-Drums Friend Jam Improves Your Drumming

 Have You Tried V-Drums Friend Jam?

First, a bit of a disclaimer and a short story. I work for Roland as a sales rep and have been playing electronic drums since 1994. I was first introduced to V-Drums Friend Jam in Los Angeles at a Roland sales and product meeting. Steve Fisher, V-Drums innovator and drummer extraordinaire, showed us this innovative drumming program, which was already fairly popular in Japan. I immediately wanted to try it, so I jumped right in. After it was over, a number came up, something in the 600s. “What is that?” I asked. Steve said, “You’re ranked 600.” “600 what?” I asked. “600th best drummer,” said Steve. “Out of how many?” I asked. “Oh, I dunno, a couple thousand.” That’s all I needed to hear to light up my competitive chops.

V-Drums Friend Jam for Kids

In my experience, drummers are obsessed with two things: drumming and other drummers. We learn from other drummers, and we always want to get better. Every drummer wants to get better, but how do you know you’re improving? That’s where V-Drums Friend Jam can help. Not only does it shell out immediate feedback about areas of improvement, the program also monitors your workout time and progress. The thrill for me is when my score is posted, and I can see where I rank against other Friend Jam players worldwide.

V-Drums Friend Jam Explained…

Friend Jam is a free download program for Mac, PC or iPhone that analyzes your drumming while you play to your MP3s or included songs. The program is compatible with all V-Drum kits and measures your playing in five key areas of drumming: Kick, Beat, Stamina, Technique and Variation. Each area has a weight of 120 points for a total of 600 points. Your drumming score is automatically published on the V-Drums Friend Jam website via your Twitter account. See additional V-Drums Friend Jam features.

Become a Better Drummer…

Friend Jam makes you a better drummer by measuring you against the program and other drummers. Friend Jam is not a video game, even though it has cool graphics of your playing in real-time. It’s your own personal drum trainer. One of the most interesting things about Friend Jam is how it stretches your abilities by getting you out of your comfort zone. For example, if you’re a Rock player, try the Jazz Songs. If you’re a Pop style player, try the World Songs.

So there you have it. Now you know what Friend Jam is, who’s is playing it and how to join in the fun. If you already play Friend Jam, or if you have questions, I want to hear from you. My Friend Jam user name and Twitter handle is @RolandSFlorida or drop me a comment below.