AC-40 Acoustic Chorus Guitar Amplifier

Powerful New Performance Amp for Acoustic Guitarists and Singer/Songwriters

With their natural acoustic sound, true stereo output, onboard effects, and more, Roland’s acclaimed AC-series amps are the trusted choice among performing guitarists, singer/songwriters, and other acoustic musicians. The all-new AC-40 Acoustic Chorus Guitar Amplifier is a powerful addition to the diverse AC family, offering big sound in an extremely lightweight and compact amp. Equipped with dual channels that support a guitar and mic or two guitars, the AC-40 provides solo and duo artists top-flight mobile sound reinforcement with ample projection for typical performance venues.

Lightweight Design with Dual Channels

The AC-40 weighs less than 12 pounds, making it a breeze to carry to gigs, rehearsals, open mics, and jam sessions. Dual channels include a dedicated GUITAR channel and a MIC/LINE channel that accepts an XLR microphone, a second guitar, or any line-level device, providing versatility for a variety of performance situations. Each channel has its own three-band EQ for independent sound shaping, plus dedicated controls for the onboard chorus and reverb effects. A stereo AUX input jack on the rear panel makes it simple to connect a smart phone or music player and jam with backing music in performances and practice sessions.

Roland AC-40 Top Panel

Roland AC-40 Top Panel

Stereo Sound: The Ideal Way to Amplify Acoustic Guitars

Like all models in the AC family, the AC-40 features true stereo sound output with twin speakers and dual internal amplifiers, plus built-in stereo chorus and reverb effects. Unlike typical mono designs, the AC-40’s stereo operation provides studio-quality depth and dimension that accurately represents the complex sound characteristics of your favorite acoustic guitars. The dual 6.5-inch speakers are custom-designed specifically for the amp, delivering excellent projection and big, full sound that belies the amp’s compact size. With the convenient integrated tilt stand, you can angle the AC-40 upward, perfect for when the amp is placed on the floor or used as a personal monitor.

Roland AC-40 with Tilt Stand Engaged

Roland’s famous stereo chorus effect provides rich and spacious tone enhancement that makes your guitar sound larger than life. The chorus in the AC-40 is optimized for acoustic instruments, with WIDE and SPACE options for different types of effects. A high-quality reverb effect is onboard as well, giving you the ability to dial in essential ambience to further sweeten the sound of your guitar and voice.

AC-40 Features

Acoustic feedback can sometimes be a problem on stage, especially in situations when you need to crank the volume or when you’re playing in confined spaces. With the flip of a switch, your worries are gone—the AC-40’s anti-feedback function eliminates these sound hassles by automatically suppressing feedback before it causes trouble. The rear panel of the AC-40 is equipped with mono/stereo LINE OUT jacks that let you easily interface with house PA systems when playing in larger venues, or connect directly to recording systems and other devices. There’s also a jack for switching the effects on/off via optional BOSS FS-5U or FS-6 footswitches.

Performing carrying Roland AC-40.

The Roland AC-40 is light and easy to carry.

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