Give Your Singing Tone Control with the VE-5

Your Sound Independent of the Mix Engineer

For singers, the question is: how do I get my sound the way I want it and under my own control? In almost every vocal situation, someone other than the singer is controlling the effects, the reverbs, and the levels. Everyone else in the band gets to create their own tone: guitar and bass with amps and pedals, keyboards have pretty much everything built in and even drummers use their own gear: cymbals they selected, drums tuned the way they want, etc. But the singer? No-until now. BOSS has made a very trick device called a VE-5 Vocal Performer that finally gives singers total control over their own sound.

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VE-5 on Mic Stand

The VE-5 is Made for Vocals…

It can sit on a tabletop if you’re in the studio, but even better, it comes with a clamp that lets you attach the VE-5 to your mic stand right where you can get at it while you’re performing. It can produce up to 6 effects at a time, and has everything you’d need to sound great in any environment, both on stage and in the studio. It even has pitch correction to guarantee that no one can ever accuse you of being “pitchy.”  If you want to get that electronic, T-Pain hard tuning kind of sound, the pitch correction effect will bring it every time.

Smart Features…

The VE-5 has a harmony generator that knows what note to produce just by telling it what key the song is in.  You can sing your own harmonies along with yourself for a perfect blend, and a doubler effect that sounds like the best double-tracked vocal you ever did. You also get dense, rich reverb and cool delays, along with compression and more. All the effects are programmable, but if you’re not into doing that, there are plenty of really useful presets, so all you have to do is select one and start singing. It’s even got a looper, so you can record yourself, then sing counter melodies over the original part in real time. You could even use the looper for the sound check by recording that old song “testing, testing, one two” and then going out into the room to hear what the mix really sounds like, not what someone else says it sounds like. It’s simple: this box rocks.

Sound Guy – I’ve Got This…

But is it easy to use in the heat of battle, when everyone is burning on stage? Yes, one knob brings up all your sounds, and there are big lit-up buttons to turn stuff on or off on the fly. No more cues to the sound guy, who usually isn’t looking anyway; now you can do it all yourself. There are even buttons that call up your favorite sounds; just hit one of them, and you’re there.

There you have it, independent control of your tone without the mix engineer. Check out the VE-5 overview video below to learn more, and please leave us a comment or question about the VE-5 and it’s applications.

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