Classic Rock Guitar Effects Combo

Classic Rock is All About Being BIG & LOUD


The Classic Rock guitar effects combo

Author: Roland UK Features Team

Apply these tips to recreate the classic rock guitar sound. Thicken up your clean sound with chorus to get shimmer and movement. A phaser gives you that psychedelic 70s swirl and the RE-20 Space Echo will nail the warm tape echo sounds of yesteryear, with the added bonus of lush reverb captured from the original 1973 Roland RE-201 tape echo unit. The Power Stack emulates the gain and tonal characteristics of a wall of 4x12s – use with a clean amp for authentic stack sounds or in conjunction with your lead channel to make your amp work even harder, ensuring your self-indulgent solos are not only cutting through the mix, but melting faces.

Need to Know…

Some pedal types work better in certain parts of the signal path than in others. Octave pedals or tuners, for example, don’t work as well with a distorted signal as with an undistorted signal, so they should be placed before the distortion.

Classic Rock pedals:

Classic Rock Pedals: RE-20, PH-3, ST-2, CH-1, TU-3

The Sound of Each Pedal…

TU-3 Chromatic Tuner – This pedal features a smooth 21-segment LED meter with a High-Brightness mode that cuts through the harshest outdoor glare.

CH-1 Super Chorus – This pedal delivers a clean classic chorus sound with crystal-clear highs and a unique stereo effect, variable between left and right speakers.

ST-2 Power Stack – This pedal delivers fat crunch to ultra high-gain distortion with a stunning amount of power that’s akin to coveted tube amps and professional amp stacks.

PH-3 Phase Shifter – This pedal provides vintage and modern phasing effects, including the “Rise” modes for unique, unidirectional phasing.

RE-20 Space Echo – This pedal is the modern day reincarnation of the legendary vintage RE-201 Space Echo. It has every sonic detail and nuance of the original tape-echo unit.

More Pedals: Virtual Pedal Board

Listen to the Classic Rock Combo…

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