New Product: JC-01 Bluetooth Audio Speaker

Portable Wireless Sound System for Mobile Devices

JC-01 Bluetooth Audio Speaker

The JC-01 Bluetooth Audio Speaker has the classic look of the Roland Jazz Chorus amp.

For more than 40 years, the legendary Jazz Chorus series has stood alone as the benchmark in clean amplification for guitar. Now, Roland brings the famous JC tradition to the world of Bluetooth speakers for smartphones and tablets. The all-new JC-01 is a wireless active playback device that delivers ultra-clean stereo sound with rich, deep bass. With its cool look and portable design, the JC-01 is the perfect mobile companion for guitar fans, music lovers, and anyone who wants great sound on the go.

A Mini Jazz Chorus for Your Smartphone and Tablet

The Roland Jazz Chorus is recognized among musicians and recording engineers as the best clean guitar amp in the world, and is equally regarded for its reliable operation and lasting durability. While not designed for guitar, the JC-01 Bluetooth Audio Speaker proudly inherits both the appearance and the philosophy behind the world-standard in clean guitar amplification.

JC-01 Bluetooth Audio Speaker

Designed for full-range audio playback from mobile devices, the JC-01 inherits the look and philosophy of the famous Jazz Chorus amp series.

True to its lineage, the JC-01 offers exceptionally clear sound in a rugged design that will stand up to years of everyday use. A high-performance rechargeable battery is built in, providing many hours of wireless operation for listening to music, podcasts, and live audio streams played from your favorite mobile devices.

High-Quality, Full-Range Sound with Deep Bass

The JC-01 is equipped with two custom speakers that produce a high-definition stereo sound field with richness and transparency through the mid and high ranges. In addition, a built-in passive radiator realizes deep, powerful bass that defies the JC-01’s small size. A three-band EQ is also included, offering a range of tonal adjustment that’s rare in a Bluetooth speaker.

JC-01 Bluetooth Audio Speaker

The compact JC-01 Bluetooth Audio Speaker is equipped with a high-performance rechargeable battery.

Convenient Extra Features

The JC-01 includes additional features for versatility and easy use. The Audio In jack lets you use the speaker with wired devices, and it’s possible to mix wired and wireless playback together if you like. And with the convenient speakerphone function, you can talk on your paired phone hands-free with the touch of a button.

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JC-01 Bluetooth Audio Speaker