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Rebecca Eaddy
Marketing Communications Manager
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Roland D-Bass 115, 115X, & 210

New-Generation Amps for Better Bass

Los Angeles, CA, January 20, 2005—Bass amp technology takes a big stride forward with the new D-Bass series. Roland’s newest and most advanced bass amplifiers employ proprietary FFP™ and Active Speaker Control technology for lightning-fast response and ultra high-quality bass tone. Two combo models (115 and 210) offer different wattages and speaker configurations to accommodate a variety of needs and tastes. A powered extension speaker (model 115X) adds another layer of punch for performers who play larger venues.

To achieve their high-quality sound and amazing performance, the new D-Bass amps employ two breakthrough Roland technologies: FFP and Active Speaker Control. Active Speaker Control allows the D-Bass to faithfully reproduce the incoming signal of the original bass, controlling its speaker movement to match the input signal. This “true input matching” technology allows sounds to be much tighter, much clearer, punchier, and the overall feel to be more direct than with other bass amplifiers. FFP (Feed Forward Processing) is a DSP-based process that analyzes incoming signal, and maximizes it before it hits the speaker. A technology exclusive to Roland amps, FFP provides a marked increase in speaker efficiency, loudness boost, and overall perceived power.

Don’t let their lighter-than-average weight fool you. The D-Bass amps are built tough, and are ready for the road. Equipped with high-performance/low-weight neodymium speaker magnets, each new amp is a performance powerhouse that’s also a breeze to transport. Industrial-strength, smooth-rolling casters make the job of getting from gig A to B even easier.

Equipped with Vintage, Modern, and SuperFlat COSM® preamp models, the D-Bass 115 and 210’s preamps deliver a wide range of great tones beyond that of a traditional bass amp. Roland’s unique “Super Flat” setting, for example, reproduces the bass guitar’s original sound characteristic without coloration; it’s also ideal for the piezo sound of upright bass. Detailed sound adjustments are possible with the 4-band EQ, including a dedicated Tweeter Control knob.

Both 115 and 210 D-Bass amps are equipped with pro-quality solid-state compression, plus a Tube Logic section. Derived from Roland’s famous BluesCUBE, the newly improved Tube Logic produces the type of fat and natural compression associated with vintage tube amps.

Need more beef? Add a D-Bass 115X powered speaker cab. Designed to be a perfect match electronically and physically for the D-Bass 115 or 210, the 115X provides 300 crushing watts of add-on power for the extra volume and punch required by larger venues and stages. The 115X has a switch for Full Range or Sub Woofer mode, affording players the flexibility they need to maximize their rigs from stage to stage.

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