• Wondering if it’s good enough to live up to the hype? I say yes in this case. Roland: 1, Critics: 0. Sonic State
  • The TR-8 feels like the real thing because it is the real thing… The TR-8’s kick is the sound that subwoofers were invented for, and anyone who has a problem with it is probably trying too hard. The Verge
  • No, it’s not a reissue of the 808 or 303… it’s a rebirth of the essence of those products, and next month, a world of producers will be absolutely blown away. Things just got real for Roland—and the rest of us. Beatport news
  • The sounds the VT-3 produces are super awesome and varied, and for $200 it feels like a steal. Gizmodo
  • Surely this is a no-brainer? Stuff
  • When I switched on the TR-8 I actually said ‘wow’ out loud. Music Tech
  • They sound absolutely killer and are easy to use and addictive in equal measure. Keyboard Mag
  • I'm sitting here listening to it with my own ears and I can tell you this is not some marketing B.S. This is indistinguishable from that 1980 kick. Actually… this kick sounds better than the original. Yeah, I said it. And it only costs $500. Eat it eBay! The Verge
  • Oh my god I want one. Gizmodo
  • We were blown away by the demo of the AIRA collection, and Roland has done an amazing job of putting a modern touch on some of its classic machines. Beatport news
  • For an electronic music junkie, there’s nothing closer to nirvana than the $299 TB-3 slaved to a TR-8. The Verge
  • All very affordable, all very much fun, all very cool sounding, but above that, they all give you a tool that you can use both for your studio productions as well as your live performances. Gearjunkies
  • This new machine seriously challenges the notion that virtual analogue can't sound as good as real analogue. Music Radar

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