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The "Artist Patch Collection" was created by world-famous musicians Richard Barbieri, Jean-Michel Jarre, Jordan Rudess, and Hisashi Saito.
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Artist Patch Collection

This patch data consists of 32 sound patches created by the following four famous artists.


You can load this data into the SH-201 by using the included "SH-201 Editor Librarian" software to transmit it from your computer via USB Download from below.


Richard Barbieri
Jean-Michel Jarre
Jordan Rudess
Hisashi Saito


Demo Song


by Jordan Rudess using refill Patches programmed by him.



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The download file contains the "SH-201 Librarian File" and the "Patch List".

Patch List
Richard Barbieri (UK) Jordan Rudess (USA)
[A1]RB AshesGtr [C1]JR Solo Vox
[A2]RB Air Chord [C2]JR Feed Lead
[A3]RB Ghosts [C3]JR Sine Lang
[A4]RB MellowTp [C4]JR Lead
[A5]RB ChordPad [C5]JR MightySyn
[A6]RB ViolinLd [C6]JR Liquid
[A7]RB P5 Seq [C7]JR Reso Bell
[A8]RB Airey Seq [C8]JR Tangy Syn
Jean Michel Jarre (France) Hisashi Saito (Japan)
[B1]JMJ Strings [D1]HS Pogitive
[B2}JMJ FingStri [D2]HS AbnimalBs
[B3]JMJ Brass [D3]HS Sliding30
[B4]JMJ Pad [D4]HS E=MC2
[B5]JMJ Bells [D5]HS Sync Line
[B6]JMJ Slowpad [D6]HS DaffingBs
[B7]JMJ FlyBy [D7]HS HS Bionesq
[B8]JMJ Spacechi [D8]HS FutureDrp
*These patches are also distributed from Roland's website ( along with accompanying information.