The V-Guitar Story


Two Legendary Companies Join Forces to Launch a New Era in Guitar Technology

Roland® and Fender®, two industry giants who have immeasurably shaped the sound of modern music through their innovative products, have come together to bring the guitar to its next evolutionary step. The new V-Guitar line reinvents the electric guitar as the electronic guitar, taking Fender’s classic Stratocaster® design and putting Roland’s cutting-edge technologies right inside to greatly extend the capabilities of the world’s most-loved instrument.

“The V-Guitar is not simply a guitar; it goes beyond guitar.”

Roland has had a huge impact on the guitar world for over 35 years, bringing players incredible electronic music innovations such as digital guitar modeling and guitar synthesis, to name just two. Fender has invented some of the most influential guitar designs of all time, and the Stratocaster—still going strong after 50-plus years—is perhaps the most played and imitated instrument ever.

With the V-Guitar line, Roland and Fender have combined their strengths in a series of amazingly versatile instruments for today’s electronic era. Blending the respected playability, sound, and craftsmanship of the Fender Stratocaster with amazing Roland technologies such as COSM® instrument modeling and 13-pin GK interface compatibility, V-Guitars are the most advanced axes available on the market today.

Ever dream of having a recording studio’s worth of world-class guitar tones to pick and choose from? The V-Guitar G-5 Stratocaster makes that dream come true, with 20 instrument and pickup tones—plus instant alternate tunings—available at your fingertips. With the G-5, you can change sounds effortlessly using a single instrument, instead of having to switch out guitars every time you need a different sound or tuning. Plug in to any amp and get tones from nylon-string acoustic to shred-metal tuning down to B, all with the simple twist of a knob.

The V-Guitar lineup also includes the GC-1 Roland-Ready Strat, a 100% authentic Fender Strat with the Roland GK Divided Pickup system built in. This gives you instant access to any of Roland’s GK-equipped products, including the GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer and VG-99 V-Guitar System. Using the GC-1 with one of these incredible devices gives you a palette of sounds no other guitar can achieve, from classic Strat tones to unlimited synth textures and beyond.

The V-Guitar is not simply a guitar; it’s a revolutionary new development that brings the world's most popular instrument in step with our modern electronic era. Welcome to a new age in musical instrument technology—the age of the electronic guitar.