The patches introduced on this page can be downloaded from the above link.
Download and load them in to your V-Synth Ver 2.0 and V-Synth XT.
17 patches are in the download file, and below are
Marcus's comments on patches No. 001 - 013.

"The Time-Trip pad is routed to the LFO, which is modulating pitch and time, so it keeps moving things in ways that you can't get with conventional modulation. It's a completely synthetic sound, built on two Supersaw [analog modeling] waveforms. The Supersaw is something I find very hard to put away once I've started playing with it!"
"This was used as the lead sound in the movie we've been working on, to support the lead actor. The D Beam is assigned to change the pitch of one of the oscillators."
"This is a 303-type arpeggio patch. I love the fact that you can record straight into the arpeggiator and record what you play. And the fact that you can do multiple melodies on it is even better. Have fun with the COSM 303 filter on this one."
"Very Euro-trance. It's based on two Supersaws"
"It's based on a pair of samples that I made, each at a different octave. This ended up being the main pad that we used in this last movie we worked on. Experiment with the Time Trip pad. When you come across a variant that you like, hit the Hold button and play the sound across the keyboard."
"It has some sleigh bell samples in it, so sweep the Time Trip pad to bring them in and out."
"Use the Time Trip pad to make the sound warble in interesting ways."
"This is a bass sound that I use quite a lot. I find that it sits quite well in tracks. It's flat all the way across."
"This is using the arpeggiator again. What I like about the V-Synth's arpeggiator is the fact that it's touch-sensitive, so experiment with this patch by altering your key pressure as you play. You can get very expressive arpeggiations that way instead of something that's monotonous. I've also set it so certain notes randomly go backward."
"This is a two-melody arpeggiation. Experiment with the filter. I like it a bit closed."
"Need a happy ending? Here it is! No matter what you play on this patch, it sounds happy [laughs]. It's actually a piece of music I was working on that I played on the Fantom-X - piano and strings. I ended up sampling a portion of it into the V-Synth, and VariPhrase encoded it so I could spin it around and have complete control over it. You can freeze it on the Time Trip pad [and Hold button] and it sounds like a set of clocks."
"A very cool, pure tone."
"I used this sound recently in a TV commercial, along with another V-Synth patch - the trumpet with phonograph noise. It was a mariachi piece."
Marcus has talked about his V-Synth patches, and has given us insights on how its created and how he uses them. It was interesting to listen to his comments, which were based on practical examples, and his experience working with top artists and in many other fields in music. He uses the synthesizer in both in its conventional ways, and in unique ways by taking a completely new approach by sampling the high quality sounds of the Fantom-X, and then manipulating the it with V-Synth's Elastic Audio Synthesis technology.

Like this, the V-Synth is used at the forefront of the current music scene, and is meeting the needs of top professionals.