Percussion Sound Module

TD-10: Percussion Sound Module


The V-Drums® TD-10 Percussion Sound Module presents drummers and drum programmers with a truly revolutionary electronic percussion environment. Using Roland's proprietary COSM® technology, V-Drums TD-10 users can model drum and percussion sounds with stunning realism and sonic flexibility. The TD-10 enhances this capability with lightning-fast drum triggering and onboard effects processing. This module can be expanded with the TDW-1 Wave and System Expansion Board for more sounds, V-Cymbal® control, and enhanced functionality.

  • Revolutionary percussion sound module models drum type, shell material, drum depth, drum head type, drum tuning, mic type and even mic placement on the "virtual" drum
  • Extremely easy to use via six faders, icon-based programming and backlit graphic LCD
  • Lightning-fast trigger response for an unbelievably natural feel
  • Amazingly accurate detection of stick velocity, position and speed
  • Positional sensing allows for triggering of sounds with slightly different timbres depending on location of drum hit
  • Over 600 amazing drum sounds and 50 melody instruments
  • 50 full drum kits with 4 assignable percussion groups
  • Built-in 8-track sequencer with 4-part backing band
  • Onboard studio-quality reverb, EQ, compression, and ambience effects
  • 12 dual-trigger inputs and 8 outputs (4 stereo pairs)
  • Table-top, rack-mounted or drum-mounted operation possible
  • Fully compatible with all Roland V-Drums pads, as well as other pads
  • Expandable via optional TDW-1 Wave & System Expansion Board


Sound Generator
Variable Drum Modeling
Max. Polyphony
56 voices
Drum Instruments=600, Backing Instruments=54
Drum Kits
50 (User), 50 (Card)
Drum Kit Chains
16 chains (32 steps per chain)
Instrument Parameters
Acoustic Drum (Shell material, Shell depth, Head type, Head tuning, Muffling, Strainer adjustment), Electronic Drum (Attack, Tone pitch, Noise pitch, Decay, Noise tone balance, Pitch bend), TR-808/TR-909(Attack, Tune, Tone, Snappy, Decay), Others (Pitch, Decay)
Studio Parameters
Studio type, The TD-10 starts with over 650 amazing sounds and 50 full drum kits with Room size, Wall type, Ambience mic position, Mic type, Mic position
Mixer Parameters
Volume, Pan, Output select
Compressor x 10, 2-band parametric equalizer x 10, 3-band master equalizer
30 types (Incl. Reverb , Delay, Flanger, Phaser, Chorus, Pitch shift delay, Delay RSS)
Trigger Parameters
Trigger type, Sensitivity, Threshold, Curve
Tracks=4, Patterns=50 (Preset), 50 (User), Play Function=One shot, Loop, Tap, Resolution=192 TPQN, Recording Method =Realtime
Metronome Parameters
Time Signature, Interval, Volume, Output select (Master/Phones only), Instruments=16 (Voice counting, Click, Cowbell, etc.)
20 to 260
64 x 160-dot backlit graphic LCD, 8-segment 3-character LED
Trigger Input (dual) x 12, Output x 8 (4 stereo pairs), Phones, Monitor Mix In (Stereo), Hi-Hat control, Footswitch(dual), MIDI (In, Out, Thru), Expansion Board Slot, Memory Card Slot
Power Consumption
18 W (AC 117V/230V/240V)
Size and Weight
305 mm
12-1/16 inches
245 mm
9-11/16 inches
90 mm
3-9/16 inches
2.3 kg
5 lbs. 2 oz.
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.




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