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rs-5, rs-9 RS-5, RS-9: Saving a Tone
rs-5, rs-9 RS-5, RS-9: Splitting the Keyboard
rs-5, rs-9 RS-5, RS-9: Layering Tones
rs-5, rs-9 RS-5, RS-9: Saving a Performance
rs-5, rs-9 RS-5, RS-9: Transposing All Parts
rs-5, rs-9 RS-5, RS-9: Split Point Setting
rs-50 RS-50: Technical Specifications
rs-70 RS-70: Technical Specifications
rs-9, rs-5, factory, reset, initialize RS-9, RS-5: Initializing - Restoring the Factory Settings
rs-5, rs-9 RS-5, RS-9: Saving a Drum Set
rs-505 RS-505: Technical Specifications
rs-50 RS-50: Splitting the Keyboard
rs-9, rs-5 RS-9, RS-5: Setting the Volume Level and Pan for each Part
rs-5, rs-9 RS-5, RS-9: Assigning a Performance to a Favorite Performance Button.
ar-2000 AR-2000: Setting the Baud Rate for the RS-232C/422A Connectors
rs-70 RS-70: Using the Quick Sequencer
ar-2000 AR-2000: RS-422A Conncetor Configuration
ar-2000 AR-2000: RS-232C Connector
rs-50 RS-50: Using the Chord Memory Feature
rs-50 RS-50: Creating a Layered Sound
rs-70 RS-70: Playing the Demo Songs
rs-50 RS-50: Using the Phrase/Arpeggio Feature
rs-50 RS-50: Using the Rhythm Guide
rs-50 RS-50: Playing the Demo Songs
rs-70, split RS-70: How To Create A Split on an RS 70
pma-5 PMA-5: Changing the Hardware Switch settings on a Roland Serial MIDI Device
rs-70, drum, rhythm, part RS-70: Assigning A Drum Set To Any Part
devices, editor, fantom, midi, read, read/write, unable, vs, write VS-700: ERROR MESSAGE: “Unable to read/write data” (Fantom VS Editor)
tr-808 TR-808: Technical Specifications
dr-550 DR-550: Technical Specifications
aira, multiple, outputs, usb, interface, tr-8 TR-8: Multiple Output Configuration
pcr, 300, 500, 800, pcr-300, pcr-500, pcr-800, memory, set, control, map, bulk, dump, sysex, system, exclusive How do I load a memory set from the Editor software into the keyboard?
u-20 U-20: Technical Specifications