What Do 50 Roland Pianos Sound Like When Played at Once?

50 pianos
It turns out we don’t know what 50 Roland pianos sound like together quite yet, but we will after this weekend. On November 10, 2012, internationally renowned pianist Lang Lang will lead 100 young pianists ages 8-18 on the concert hall stage of the Kennedy Center, with each paired two per piano to create a “piano orchestra.” The goal is to entertain and educate both young audience members and experienced concert goers. This unique program is part master class, part concert, and includes performances of Franz Schubert’s Marche Militarie No. 1 and Johannes Brahms’s Hungarian Dance No. 5.

What is the Lang Lang International Music Foundation?

In Lang Lang’s words:

Music makes life better. It heals, unites and inspires. And it makes us better people.

I am passionate about music and have dedicated my life to it. I’m motivated in a unique way by the work I do with my Foundation to inspire the next generation of classical music lovers and performers – both those children who study piano and those who experience live performances for the first time. During every interaction I have with kids, I get way more back from it than I give. Seeing the smiles on the faces of the kids motivates me to spend more time and energy creating unique experiences to reach even more children.”

Music is powerful. I want every child to have access to music experiences that ignite something wonderful inside of them, just as music delivered something incredible for me. My hope with my Foundation was to find a way to capture the potential that I see in music to positively transform lives and provide inspiration to kids around the world in a meaningful and sustainable way. I hope that my Foundation can help carry on my passion for music to encourage kids to engage in some way, any way, with any genre of music that touches them.

I have launched a second career with this Foundation and I look forward to continuing to watch it grow and develop partnerships with other music education initiatives that are already doing so much for kids. I am very thankful for the individuals and corporations that believe in the work that we are doing and who are supporting the growth of the Foundation.