Steve Stevens V-Guitar Experience Interview

steve stevens

On Thursday, November 8th, Steve Stevens demonstrated his playing style and his use of guitar synths at the V-Guitar Experience event at Guitar Center in Hollywood, California. On stage with Steve were the GR-55 guitar synth and the G-5 Stratocaster®. The V-guitar experience tour consisted of 20 dates that started on September 22 through November 25th in various locations around the world.

Steve Stevens has long been a guitar synth advocate since the early 80s with his use of the GR-700 and GR-33. Steve explains that in his recent Billy Idol tour, he played all the keyboard parts with his guitar synth and completely eliminated the need for a keyboard player while Billy Morrison filled in as the second guitar player. Steve explained that his set-up worked flawlessly, even with keyboard heavy songs such as Flesh for Fantasy and Eyes Without a Face.

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We found some really great footage from a member of the audience that night. Thank you YouTube user DANOV50 for posting these videos. The first video is of Steve Stevens being introduced by Roland’s product manager for guitar, bass, and BOSS pedals, Gary Lenaire. The second video of Steve is his demonstration of the G-5 V-Guitar Strat.

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It was a real treat watching and listening to Steve demonstrate these instruments. He’s more than an average user, he explained how he really dives in to create his custom sound patches which he uses to perform and create material. Steve is also a song writer and producer and has toured with other bands and artists such as Michael Jackson, Juno Reactor, Vince Neil, and his own band of super musicians, Bozzio Levin Stevens. We say super musicians because the other two band members, drummer, Terry Bozzio and bassist, Tony Levin have a history of playing with some of the giants of music. Bozzio has played alongside Frank Zappa, U.K., Missing Persons, Steve Vai, and Jeff Beck while Levin has played with Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, and Liquid Tension Experiment.

In writing this blog post, we stumbled upon some great material and history of Steve and our products. Perhaps one if his most memorable projects was his appearance on the 1986 soundtrack to the Tom Cruise movie Top Gun, for which he collaborated with keyboardist Harold Faltermeyer on “Top Gun Anthem” which earned Stevens a Grammy Award for Pop Instrumental Performance that year. So with this, we leave you on the way back machine with with Steve Stevens.

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Did we miss anything? Do you have any questions about our gear or Steve? Leave us a comment. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!