Throwback Thursday – Ed Diaz & His XP-50

xp-50 roland workstation keyboard

In our first edition of throw back Thursday, Roland’s Ed Diaz remembers his college years and the keyboard that put him through school, the XP-50. This synth workstation was capable of emulating any instrument, here’s Vintage Synth Exporer‘s take on the XP-50:

“The XP-50 is not just another synthesizer workstation, it’s basically a JV-1080 with a built-in keyboard and a 16-track sequencer! It is a digital synthesizer using sampled ROM waveforms. Superb sound quality capable of emulating most any instrument imaginable plus totally fat analog synth type sounds and loads of percussion! It has 64 voices of polyphony and is 16-part multitimbral. The XP-50 makes a great beginner’s pro-quality workstation.”

Click here for Vintage Synth Explorer’s full take on the XP-50

Throwback Thursday – Ed Diaz & His XP-50 Part. 1

XP-50 features:

  • 64-voice polyphony; 16-part multitimbral capability; 512 preset patches; 8 MB of internal waveform memory
  • 32-bit custom RISC chip
  • Redesigned 16-track sequencer; 100 patterns
  • Accepts any four SR-JV80 Series expansion boards
  • 40 insert effects in addition to digital reverb and chorus
  • Direct-from-disk playback; Realtime Phrase Sequencing
  • GM/GS Compatible

NOTE: This product is no longer in production. Similar capabilities can be found in the Fantom workstation.

Throwback Thursday – Ed Diaz & His XP-50 Part. 2

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