5 JUNO-Gi Features for Multi-Instrumentalists

The Working Musician’s Auxiliary Keyboard

JUNO-Gi is for the multi-instrumentalist

Why the JUNO-Gi is Great for Multi-Instrumentalists

Being a multi-instrumentalist in a band is like being the quarterback and the kicker of a football team. If one doesn’t show up, there’s an available backup; however, in a perfect world your team members are always healthy, always prepared, and always ready to put on a great performance. But, this isn’t a perfect world and stuff happens, and when “stuff” happens, someone has to pickup the slack. This is when the kicker becomes the quarterback, and in a band, this is when the keyboardist becomes the guitarist. Yes, both require a level of skill and competence in order to carry out their part. In a band, however, you’re also required to have the right gear to make it possible. More