Marty Friedman’s New Album – Inferno

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Marty Friedman’s music career reads like a boxing champ’s intro. It includes playing with hit bands like Megadeth and Cacophony, multiple Grammy nominations, film, television, and more. To celebrate his latest accomplishment, the release of his new studio album – Inferno, we’re giving away an autographed MICRO BR-80 Digital Recorder. According to his interview in Guitar World, Inferno is the most intense writing and playing that he has done so far.

CONTEST: BR-80 Autographed by Marty Friedman

Ends June 31, 2014

BR-80 Digital Recorder

Marty and the BR-80…

In Marty’s experience, if you stick a simulated sound in the right place within a mix it could be just as good or even better than just using the amp tone. Marty uses the BR-80 Digital Recorder like the GS-10 and GT Effects Processors – for the preset sounds. As an example of his use of simulated sounds Marty referenced his guitar solo in the song “Viper” off his Loudspeaker album in which he’s dueling with Steve Vai using the GT processor. Marty explained that simulated tones tend to stick out more than using an amp on top of another amp on top of another amp, which makes an engineer’s life in the studio a lot easier.


Marty’s Inferno has taken more planning than anything he’s ever done as he aims for it to be a landmark in his career. In an interview with BOSS’ Gary Lenaire, Marty passionately explains what this record means to him.

I wanted to take the intensity of everything I’ve ever done and kick it up about a thousand notches, it is absolutely the sickest thing I’ve ever done. Whether that’s good or bad, I don’t know. It is definitely not commercial; it’s definitely just me being as sick as I could possibly ever be. Everything that people probably would hope that I would have done will be done in spades in this record. –Marty Friedman


To our delight and to the fans in attendance at the 2014 NAMM show, Marty gave us a preview of Inferno with his performance of “Undertow” in our booth.

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