New Roland CUBE-10GX Guitar Amplifier

Customize Amp Types with Your iOS or Android Device


New CUBE-10GX Guitar Amplifier

Great sounding, portable, and built to last, Roland’s CUBE-GX series has become the benchmark in compact amps since its introduction in 2013. The newest family member, the CUBE-10GX, packs the sweet tone and onboard effects you expect from a CUBE into a very small size that’s perfect for bedroom practice and jamming with friends. But the CUBE-10GX has a new trick up its sleeve as well—via the free CUBE KIT app, you can easily customize the onboard amp types from your smart phone or tablet!

Choose from a Library of Great Amps in the CUBE KIT App

CUBE Kit App Screenshot

CUBE KIT app screenshot.

When you first plug in and power up, the CUBE-10GX is ready for jamming with Clean, Crunch, and Lead amp types. Using CUBE KIT on your iOS or Android device, you can swap out any of these three amps in seconds from the selection in the app. This gives you the ability to personalize the CUBE-10GX’s sound for the music you like to play. CUBE KIT includes seven additional COSM amp types to suit any genre, from jazz and classic rock to high-gain metal and beyond. Amp types designed for bass and acoustic-electric guitar are also on tap, making the CUBE-10GX very versatile. The app also includes the three amp types that come loaded in the CUBE-10GX from the factory, so you can mix and match them with the other types as you wish.

CUBE KIT is available now as a free download for iOS or Android devices from the following links:

Link to Apple App Store

Link to Google Play

Quality Construction and Simple Controls for Dialing in Your Sound

Even though it’s small, the CUBE-10GX is built to the same top-quality construction standards as its bigger brothers in the CUBE-GX line, with heavy-duty corner protectors, rock-solid hardware, and more.

Roland CUBE-10GX Guitar Amplifier

Ultra-rigid cabinetry provides great durability and superior tone that outranks other amps in its class. With its closed-back design and custom 8-inch speaker, the CUBE-10GX throws big, full sound that makes the amp seem much larger than it actually is. Equipped with Bass, Middle, and Treble controls, the CUBE-10GX provides greater tone-shaping capabilities than those found in many compact amps, and three high-quality effects are included as well. Chorus, delay, or reverb can be dialed in simply via a single knob, and the reverb section offers plate and retro spring variations for different flavors of ambience.

CUBE-10GX Top Panel

Top panel of the Roland CUBE-10GX Guitar Amplifier.

Pro Tones for Headphones Practice and Recording

The rear panel of the CUBE-10GX has an Aux In mini jack, which allows you to plug in a smart phone or music player and play along with your favorite tunes and jam tracks. The Rec Out/Phones jack provides a direct sound output complete with COSM speaker modeling, letting you enjoy studio-quality guitar tones when practicing with headphones or recording. Plugging into this jack mutes the onboard speaker, so you can riff away at any hour without disturbing others. Visit the CUBE-10GX product page at the Roland U.S. website to learn more about this cool new addition to the CUBE-GX lineup!

Roland CUBE-10GX Guitar Amplifier Rear Panel

Rear panel of the Roland CUBE-10GX Guitar Amplifier.