7 Facts About SYSTEM-1 PLUG-OUTS


With the SYSTEM-1 now in stores, and the launch of our first PLUG-OUT, I wanted to let you in on the important things that you need to know. Here are seven things to know about the SYSTEM-1 and PLUG-OUTS.

1. SYSTEM-1 Has Its Own Synth

SYSTEM-1 has a completely new internal synth engine that utilizes Roland’s ACB technology. Simply put, this synth engine is always available for you to use and goes wherever the SYSTEM-1 goes.

2. PLUG-OUTS Are Plug-Ins

Roland will be releasing a number of software titles, called PLUG-OUTS, that work like a typical plug-in (Windows or Mac). No hardware is needed to run them. These titles will emulate some of Roland’s most prized synthesizers and will utilize the above mentioned ACB technology.

3. SH-101 Is The First

Our first PLUG-OUT will be the SH-101, and will emulate the original Roland SH-101. As stated above, it will be able to run on a Windows or Mac computer as a typical plug-in – without the need for any external hardware assistance. The SH-101 will be available exclusively to people who purchase the SYSTEM-1 – and for FREE!


4. More On The Way

More PLUG-OUT titles will be announced in the coming months. Know this, unlike the SH-101, future titles will be available for all to purchase and utilize. A SYSTEM-1 purchase is not needed to run the future PLUG-OUTS that are released.

5. Perfect Control

Although it’s not needed to run the PLUG-OUTS, the SYSTEM-1 can be a complete front-end controller for any of the PLUG-OUTS running on your computer.

6. Go Ahead, PLUG It OUT

PLUG-OUT titles are able to ‘PLUG-OUT’ to the SYSTEM-1 and run completely on the SYSTEM-1 without the need for a computer. Since both the SYSTEM-1 and PLUG-OUTS utilize ACB technology, the SYSTEM-1 is capable of hosting the PLUG-OUTS without any insane instructions. Simply, connect your SYSTEM-1 to the computer, run the PLUG-OUT, and click the ‘PLUG-OUT’ button that is in the PLUG-OUT. It’s just that easy.

7. One At A Time, Which Makes Two

One PLUG-OUT can be plugged-out to the SYSTEM-1 at a given time. However, you’ll be able to toggle between the SYSTEM-1’s internal synth and that single PLUG-OUT with ease. That said, the SYSTEM-1 can actually be two synths at once. What’s more, any of the SYSTEM-1’s hardware controls that are not associated with the PLUG-OUT will go dark (each control has an LED surrounding it), allowing you to easily understand what parameters are available.

And there you have it. The essential things to know about the SYSTEM-1 and PLUG-OUTS.

Adrian Marci - Roland CANADA

This article originally appeared on the Roland Canada Blog

Adrian Marsi is the Pro Keyboards & DJ Product Marketing Manager for Roland Canada. Follow Adrian on twitter – @rcmsynthguy