New Eric Johnson Tone Capsule

Mod Your Blues Cube Amp with EJ’s Signature Sounds

Eric Johnson’s style and sound are legendary in the guitar world, as is his meticulous pursuit of great tone. Now, Roland Blues Cube owners can infuse their amps with EJ’s expert tonal sensibilities via the Eric Johnson Tone Capsule. This user-installable circuit re-voices the Blues Cube Artist and Stage amps, changing the sound and response characteristics to provide custom voicings tuned and approved by Eric himself.

Capturing Eric Johnson’s Iconic Tones

EJ_01The Eric Johnson Tone Capsule takes the Blues Cube’s already great sound and fine-tunes it to suit the guitarist’s exacting requirements. Capturing Eric’s discriminating tastes in texture, voicing, and rich tone, the EJ Tone Capsule allows every Blues Cube owner to put the legend’s remarkable vintage amp insights under their fingers.

“I’ve spent years finding amplifiers to suit my tonal quest and discerning criteria to get my sound,” Eric explains. “I’m excited to work with Roland to create many aspects and persona of that sound in a more compact, tangible, and affordable version for all kinds of players”

The development of the Eric Johnson Tone Capsule included both Eric and his longtime amp tech Bill Webb. Roland engineers traveled to Eric’s home turf in Austin, Texas, on multiple occasions to refine the Tone Capsule circuit. Working closely together, Eric, Bill, and the Blues Cube team spent many long days carefully analyzing and listening to the guitarist’s personal collection of go-to vintage amps to perfectly capture their unique characteristics.

Visit the Eric Johnson Tone Capsule microsite for the complete development story on this exciting new option for Blues Cube players.

Roland Blues Cube Artist and Blues Cube Stage

The Eric Johnson Tone Capsule plugs into a special socket on the chassis of the Blues Cube Artist and Blues Cube Stage guitar amplifiers.