New Product: BOSS BB-1X Bass Driver

A Powerful Tone Enhancer and DI for Bassists


With the new BB-1X Bass Driver, improving your bass tone has never been easier. Far more than a typical stompbox, the BB-1X incorporates powerful BOSS technology to make your sound big, bold, and punchy. It functions much like a preamp, allowing you shape your tone without altering the fundamental core elements of your bass and amp sounds. The BB-1X also includes a uniquely tuned DI output that ensures the FOH engineer gets a great sound for delivering your personal tone to the main PA.

The BOSS X Series: A Premium Pedal Experience

From their introduction in early 2014, the OD-1X Overdrive and DS-1X Distortion pedals have received universal praise from guitarists for their incredibly natural sound, response, and tonal range. The BB-1X Bass Driver now brings the groundbreaking sound innovations of the X series to every bass player.

Using BOSS’ latest MDP technology, the BB-1X puts an enormous range of sound shaping at your command. Most importantly, the BB-1x never loses the body and core tone of your instrument, adapting to any playing style or register to create the very best sound at all times.


In addition to its superior sound, the BB-1X looks great too. Like the other pedals in the X series, it has a striking appearance with exclusive chrome knobs and control plate, plus a vintage silver knob for battery compartment access

Natural, Organic Bass Tones

At every setting, the BB-1X enhances your bass tone to make your core sound better. The Drive knob lets you dial up everything from natural clean to heavy distortion, while the Low and High knobs provide expansive tonal control to perfectly balance your sound. There’s also a Blend knob for mixing your unprocessed bass sound with the effect tone to achieve many different textures.


Unlike typical stompbox overdrive pedals, the BB-1X’s distortion preserves the high definition and dynamics reflected in the finest details of your sound. Other pedals often use internal filtering to limit the bass range to provide more clarity and punch. Thanks to BOSS’ advanced tech, the BB-1X maintains full-range sound even at heavy distortion settings, providing a clear sonic outline that enhances the tone while never muffling or weakening the low end.

Specially Tuned DI Output for PA Systems

For performances in larger venues, the sound engineer uses a direct feed from the bass to amplify your sound through the PA. The most common way to do this is with a direct box, typically called a “DI.” The bass is plugged into the DI, which splits the signal: one signal goes to the main PA mixer, while the other signal goes to the bass amp for stage monitoring. In this scenario, the stage sound you’ve worked very hard on is often different to what the PA engineer presents to audience while mixing the overall sound of the band.

The BB-1X includes this built-in DI functionality: the Output jack is used to feed your amp, while the Line Out jack provides a balanced TRS signal for the PA engineer. However, the BB-1X’s Line Out signal is far more than a typical DI.


While developing the BB-1X, BOSS consulted with many top bassists and sound engineers to research ways to improve on the standard bass DI output. The result is a special tuning in the BB-1X Line Out that provides a full spectrum of balanced sound, while never losing the body, punch, and presence of your individual tone. With the BB-1X, you can always be sure that the signal you’re sending to the sound engineer keeps your hard-earned bass sound intact.

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