New Product: MX-1 Mix Performer

The Mixer Reimagined as a Musical Instrument

Roland MX-1 Mix Performer

The Roland MX-1 Mix Performer brings your entire electronic music rig together.

If you’ve been looking for a more powerful and flexible way to mix and control all your electronic music gear live and in the studio, your wait is over—the MX-1 Mix Performer has arrived! Combining a mixer, control surface, audio interface, and step-based effector into one portable device, the MX-1 is the perfect command center for your rig. It seamlessly brings together your AIRA gear, synths, drum machines, loops, DAW tracks, and more into a single performance-optimized mixing instrument that’s ready to be played.

The Brains of Your Entire Rig

Built to function as the nerve center for a modern electronic music setup, the MX-1 is ideal for working with AIRA devices such as the TR-8, TB-3, and SYSTEM-1, as well as a variety of other music equipment. It delivers high-quality sound at rates up to 96 kHz, and includes a ton of mixing features fine-tuned for spontaneous creativity.

The MX-1 can function as master tempo clock for all connected devices, or distribute tempo information received from another device. Via intuitive controls, you have hands-on command of start, stop, tempo, and timing for your entire setup.

Roland MX-1 Mix Performer Top Panel

Top panel of the Roland MX-1 Mix Performer.

I/O for All Types of Gear

With six analog inputs, four AIRA Link USB ports, digital I/O, send and return jacks, and the ability to stream 18 channels to and from your DAW, the MX-1 lets you bring all your musical sources together and put them directly under your fingers.

Up to four AIRA devices can be connected to the MX-1 via standard USB cables, making setup simple and quick. The AIRA Link USB connection provides both 96 kHz audio transfer and MIDI tempo sync information over just one cable.

Roland MX-1 Mix Performer Rear Panel

Rear panel of the Roland MX-1 Mix Performer.

Not Your Average Mixer

MX-1_FaderThe MX-1 goes far beyond a typical audio mixer, offering many unique features specifically designed for performing with electronic instruments.

The level faders have a smooth, solid feel, and each has six volume curves that can be selected for different applications. Every channel also has an adjustable Tone/Filter knob with ten types of filters, EQs, and isolators. Quick-access mute buttons work with the LED-lit faders to clearly show their status, even in dark environments.

Scene memories allow you to instantly recall different mixer states that include all settings and effects configurations. The DJ-style cue function can be used to monitor input sources via headphones without affecting the main mix outputs, an essential feature for checking sources and dropping in tracks right on the beat.

High-Impact Effects That Groove

Effects play a huge role in performing with electronic instruments, and the MX-1 integrates them in many exciting new ways. The effects sound awesome, of course, but they’re also built for hands-on manipulation and rhythmic sensibility.

Beat FX (Filter, Side Chain, and Slicer) can be applied to each channel independently, and the effect tempo is automatically synced to the clock master. The 16 TR-style step sequencer buttons—like those found on famous Roland beat boxes—allow the processing to be triggered at specific steps, so you’re able to independently filter, duck, and slice each channel to create cool rhythmic variations, polyrhythms, and all sorts of interesting grooves. Dedicated lighted buttons make it simple to switch the Beat FX on/off per channel to match the music.

Master FX such as Scatter, Roll, Bit Crush, and others are included too, and these can be quickly turned on/off per channel as well. The Master FX can even be step-sequenced in various combinations to create glitchy interludes and unique new sounds on the spot.

Roland MX-1 Mix Performer Effects Control Section

The MX-1 Mix Performer provides extensive real-time control of its onboard tempo-based effects,

Each channel on the MX-1 also includes an aux send, allowing you to process your sounds with a favorite effects unit connected to the mixer’s send and return jacks.

Powerful Computer Integration

The MX-1 integrates seamlessly with Mac and Windows computers, functioning as a high-performance, 18-channel 24-bit/96 kHz USB audio interface. MIDI over USB is also supported, allowing the MX-1 to send or receive tempo information and provide control surface functionality for music production software. Audio outputs from the computer can be mixed in the MX-1 alongside external devices to create a powerful and versatile software/hardware music system.

While computers play a huge role in studio production, they can be a hassle to use on stage. They require an interface for audio and MIDI, and a dedicated control surface if you want to manipulate anything without constantly reaching for the track pad or mouse. The MX-1 elegantly addresses all of these problems through its built-in audio interface functionality and ability to operate in one of three different modes: Control Surface, Mixer, and External.

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