Roland Launches New TR-REC Game for iOS and Android

Enter Real-Time Beats for Dance Music Tracks with the Famous TR-808 Interface and Sounds


Roland has recently introduced TR-REC, a unique new music game app available as a free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play. TR-REC is a pattern sequencing game that prompts you to complete real-time beats for a continuously running electronic music score. You accomplish this by using the intuitive “TR-REC” pattern programming interface and sounds found in the legendary Roland TR-808 drum machine and its modern incarnation, the TR-8. Fun and addictive, TR-REC is sure to appeal to all Roland drum machine fans and provide an enjoyable challenge for anyone who likes to play games on their smartphone or tablet.

TR-REC features the drum tones of the iconic TR-808, as well as the drum machine’s familiar sound button layout and pattern grid. As you listen to the game’s music, you’re prompted to select sounds (kick, snare, hi-hat, etc.) and enter them by tapping at specific positions on the 16-beat grid. You can hear your results immediately, and you rack up points when you tap in the rhythmic elements correctly. Bonus points are also awarded for completing a pattern. If you tap in the specified drum tones within a given amount of time, you’ll move up to the next stage.

To learn more, visit the TR-REC game page at

TR-REC Screenshot 1

TR-REC Screenshot 2

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