Free Piano Partner Apps for Your Roland Piano

Have Fun and Learn More with a Roland Piano App on Your Tablet

Roland Piano App

A free Piano Partner piano app brings more fun and productivity to your Roland piano experience.

With a Roland Piano Partner app installed on your tablet, you’ll make playing your Roland piano even more fun and productive. These powerful free apps directly integrate with supported Roland models to provide enhanced functions, learning tools, and easier navigation of the piano’s features. If you own a tablet device and a compatible Roland piano, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be using them together!

The recently released Piano Partner 2 works with both iPad and Android tablets, and is designed for use with Roland’s latest Bluetooth-enabled pianos. The original Piano Partner works on the iPad, and can be used with a variety of Roland piano models, including some legacy instruments. Read on to find out how these useful apps will greatly enhance your piano learning and enjoyment.

Video: Piano Partner 2 App

Note: The Piano Partner 2 video includes subtitles that describe the functions shown. If subtitle text isn’t displayed, click the gear icon and set Subtitles/CC to the desired language. 

About the Piano Partner 2 App

Most Roland pianos come with an extensive onboard song library that includes classical masterpieces and standard studies from Czerny and Hanon. The new Piano Partner 2 app provides an easy way to navigate and select these songs using your tablet. You can also display the selection as notation for learning and practice. As a song plays, it’s even possible to mute the right- or left-hand part to learn them independently.

The app also provides rhythm accompaniment that follows the chords you play. This lets you develop your timing skills in a more interesting way than using a simple metronome (which is also included). It also gives you the experience of playing with a full-band sound, which is great training for playing with other musicians. In addition, the app includes many fun excerises for building music skills. It’s also possible to select different tones and set the keyboard mode to whole, split, or dual right from the tablet.

Piano app for Roland pianos

Piano Partner 2 works with iPad and Android tablets, and connects wirelessly to compatible Roland pianos that include onboard Bluetooth. An alternate way to connect is by using a USB cable and an appropriate adapter for your device. (To use the app’s rhythm function with an Android tablet, a USB connection is required.)

Visit the app’s product page for more information, including an up-to-date listing of compatible Roland pianos.

The app is available as a free download from the App Store and Google Play.

Piano Partner apps for Roland pianos

Piano app

The Piano Partner 2 app allows you to access songs, display sheet music, play with rhythms, and build music skills.

Video: Piano Partner Overview

About the Original Piano Partner App

First released in 2012, the Piano Partner app for the Apple iPad offers similar features to Piano Partner 2. You can select tones and songs, view notation, and build skills with Flash Card exercises. The only thing not included is the rhythm function. A wireless tablet connection is possible with a supported wireless USB adapter, such as the Roland/Netgear WNA-150. Alternately, you can go wired with a USB cable via the appropriate USB adapter from Apple.

Visit the Piano Partner product page for more information, including a list of all compatible Roland pianos.

The Piano Partner piano app is available as a free download from the App Store.

Roland piano app

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