System Update for the JD-XA Synth

Version 1.50 Update Adds 256 New Factory Programs

Roland JD-XA synth

Roland JD-XA Analog/Digital Crossover Synthesizer.

If you own the JD-XA Analog/Digital Crossover Synthesizer, you’ll want to check out the recent Version 1.50 update. This user-installable system software refreshes the 256 onboard programs with all-new sounds created by our top programmers. The update also adds a Copy Program function that gives you quick access to any of these new sounds, even if you choose not to install them after updating your system.

Read on to listen to sound examples and learn more about the Version 1.50 update for the JD-XA synth.

Video Playlist: Examples of New Programs in the JD-XA Version 1.50 Update

Installing the JD-XA Version 1.50 Update

The JD-XA Version 1.50 update is available at the Downloads tab on the JD-XA product page.

When you get there, click on “JD-XA System Update Version 1.50” in the list of available downloads. This will take you to a page with links for the update file and supplementary manual, plus instructions on installing the update via USB flash media.

Before updating, you should back up your current JD-XA data to a USB flash drive, or to a computer using the JD-XA Librarian software.

Access 256 New JD-XA Synth Sounds

The JD-XA synth includes 256 onboard locations for storing programs (16 banks with 16 programs in each). Previous system versions included factory programs in Banks A-D, while the remaining banks contained initialized programs for storing your own sounds.

Installing Version 1.50 gives you access to 256 new sounds, including updated programs in Banks A-D. However, these are not automatically installed after performing the update.

Installing Sounds with a Factory Reset

If you wish to load the new sounds in all the onboard banks, you need to perform a factory reset after updating. For instructions on doing this, please refer to the JD-XA Owner’s Manual.

Important: A factory reset initializes any programs and custom system settings you have stored in the JD-XA. If there’s anything you want to save, make sure to back up your data before performing a factory reset.

Manually Installing the New Sounds with the Copy Program Function

If you’ve already got banks loaded with your own sounds and don’t want to disturb them with a factory reset, you can still access the Version 1.50 programs. Using the newly added Copy Program function, you’re able to load any of the 256 programs into the JD-XA’s temporary memory area. From there, you can audition the sound to see how you like it. If you want to save it, simply write it to any program location.

For instructions on using the Copy Program function, refer to the JD-XA Version 1.50 Supplementary Manual.

Visit the JD-XA product page for more info on this powerful and inspiring synth.