Winners Announced for the 2018 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards

Fifth-Annual Competition Celebrates the Fast-Changing Landscape of Online Radio

Mixcloud Online Radio Awards

Mixcloud, the digital audio streaming platform that’s reinventing radio for listeners and audio creators, has just announced the winners of the 2018 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards. Roland was proud to partner with Mixcloud for the competition, which spanned 29 categories split into four groups: Best Online Music Show, Best Online Radio Station, Best Online Talk Show, and Best Online Radio Personality. The 22-member judging panel was comprised of leading journalists, radio hosts, and entertainment industry veterans, including Roland’s own Nick de Friez, Global AR Product Manager for DJ, dance, and synth products.

Read on to learn more about the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards and this year’s winners!

About the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards

Founded in 2014, the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards (MORA) is the world’s biggest celebration of the fast-changing landscape of online radio. DJs, radio presenters, podcasters, and stations can nominate themselves for an award, while fans can also nominate their favorite show, station, or personality to be shortlisted. And for the first time, the 2018 edition introduced a Listener’s Choice Award competition that was open to the public.

“We went into this year’s Mixcloud Online Radio Awards with fresh ideas on how to showcase as much incredible and diverse online radio as possible, and the response was overwhelming,” said Xanthe Fuller, Head of Community for Mixcloud. “Tens of thousands of online radio lovers submitted nominations, and we’re proud to highlight this great slew of winners. Online radio is thriving like never before, and Mixcloud is proud to be at the forefront of it.”

“It was an honor to be a judge for the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards,” said Roland’s Nick de Friez. “We’re involved in all aspects of the music production and performance process at Roland, so naturally we’re very interested in how music is curated and presented to the wider audience. With this in mind, I listened carefully to the content, selections, and technical skills of the nominees to cast my votes. Winners were extremely hard to choose, as the overall quality was so high!”

Glory Talks - 2018 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards

2018 MORA Winners: Best Online Music Show

2018 MORA Winners: Best Online Radio Station

2018 MORA Winners: Best Online Talk Show

2018 MORA Winner: Best Online Radio Personality

  • Glory (Glory Talks on Reprezent Radio, UK)

Visit the Mix Online Radio Awards page to check out the finalists and find out who won the Listeners’ Choice awards in each category.

About Mixcloud

Mixcloud is a leading digital audio streaming platform, rethinking radio for listeners, curators, and brands alike. Mixcloud connects listeners to new music and ideas through radio shows, DJ mixes, and podcasts uploaded by over one-million curators.

From Carl Cox to Moby, Erykah Badu to David Byrne, Mixcloud empowers a worldwide community of DJs, radio presenters, festivals, hobbyists, and other tastemakers to reach fans wherever and whenever. The Mixcloud service is available on the web, through free mobile apps, and via connected devices such as Sonos, Apple TV, and Chromecast. Mixcloud’s proprietary Content ID system is capable of identifying individual tracks within radio shows and mixes, and ensuring proper payment to the underlying rights holders.

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