Open for Business

Below is a list of authorized Roland & BOSS dealers currently selling gear!


What separates us brings us together.

Music makes connections like nothing else on Earth. It’s the language that we all understand—whatever language we speak. Every single moment, great music can make your day or even change your life. And as a musician, you get to make it all happen; play the notes, find the words, finish the track. For everyone currently making music at home, there‘s never been a better time to explore what it means to be creative…and share it with the world.

We’ve compiled this list of our retail partners who are open for business. Whether you’re looking for that new JUPITER-X, BOSS SY-1, the best in electronic drumming, or our award-winning livestreaming equipment, here’s where you can shop for our gear. With various areas of the country with very different circumstances and ordinances, we encourage you to click on your favorite retailers and check out how they best can help you get the gear you’re looking for.  We hope this helps all musicians who need to feed their love of music and creation.