Make the Perfect Kit with Drum Effects

Apply These Rules to V-Drums, Percussion Pads, & Sample Pads

Roland TD-30 module drum effects

Drum Effects on the TD-30 Sound Module

Author: Roland UK Features Team

A drummer’s sound is not just down to the tone of the drum itself.  By using the built-in drum effects, it’s possible to just about recreate any drum sound you like and perform it with V-Drums.

Think of your favorite drummer. Now think of a favorite track (or album) they performed on, one that you know well.  When you listen back to that track, it’s different to other tracks or albums they performed on, right? Sure, the drummer’s style, groove, and playing ability all define their sound – but that’s not what we’re discussing here. Part of the drum sound on that track is down to the actual kit they used, where it was recorded, how and even when they recorded it. More