David started out as a young winner in two Roland music competitions, ranging all the way back to 1998 and 2000. Today he designs music and sounds for several Roland products and tours around the world with his trademark breakbeat-mix sound, to show everybody how the products are supposed to be used. He has extensive experience in most musical styles (everything from hard electronica to hip-hop and Rn’B), and is also a lead singer/rapper in several bands.

Born and raised in the Ruhrvalley which used to be the biggest industrial area of germany Hans interest in noise and rhythm came quite naturally.
Today he runs his own company Digital Audio Design and creates samples, patches as well as patterns and demo songs for Roland and other companies.
He also works as a consultant and productspecialist for Roland and as a freelance writer for the german KEYBOARD magazine and lives in a little house with his wife, two cats and a dog named Gaku.
You can visit him online at www.digitalaudiodesign.de
Heigo Tani started DJ work in 1985, and has released numerous works inside Japan and abroad as a member of the Co-Fusion unit with DJ WADA.
Recently he has been active in composing, arranging, and remixing J-pop artists. He has also released a cover of Crystal Waters’ classic “Gypsy Woman” from Reel Musiq under the name of his own unit Wall5, and an analog version of “HOTHOT” under the name Co-Fusion from the Fatboy Slim or Norman Cook label “Southern Fried Records.”
For details, visit the website. http://www.sublimerecords.net/
Huston Singletary is a music producer, programmer, sound designer & film composer based in Atlanta, USA. His programming and producing skills have taken him into recording studios all over the globe and his sound design and work as a demo content provider have him busy around the clock with countless new product and music releases. Huston has worked with a diverse list of artist’s from Jeff Lorber to the late jazz legend George Howard.
His client roster includes work with Babyface, Barry Gordy, Whitney Houston, Aslyn, Virgin Records, Capitol Records and more.
His website is: www.Hustonmusic.com
Justin Berkovi - music producer, remixer, live artist and art director / designer. Justin has released five solo albums, played live sets all over the world and has run two independent record labels. He intends to pursue his love of cinema by creating music for film in the future and continues to liaise with manufacturers working on sound design and other projects. For more information please check www.justinberkovi.com
Kilian Schweer is a musician from Germany working in the experimental electronic music field. He’s been programming patterns and sounds for the Roland MC-505 and Roland MC-909.
Kilian also worked for several TV productions and multimedia projects and is heavily engaged in live performances. Currently he is studying communication design, exploring new ways of combining sound synthesis with computer generated and animated pictures.

Born in 1979, he early began to take piano lessons when he was 6 years old. Today he is a well known Techno / House producer in germany with tons of releases (in many electronic genres). But actually he started his career with sound designing. Beside he designs special soundsets for big synth manufactures like Roland, he has his own online portal with many available sample cd’s and sounds for many different synthesizers.

Manuel Schleis @ Web:
www.vengeance-music.de (Releases & Remixes)
www.vengeance-sound.com (Online Soundportal)
www.vengeance-mastering.com (mastering services)
www.vengeance-forum.de (Growing Music-Community)

Producing electronic music from minimal techno to composition work he hosted music events in his gallery (Lukas&Hoffmann) - e.g. projects with OceanClub/Fehlmann/Gut and Betke(Pole).

Various collaborative works including Video/Media Installations (Sanguineti) and Realtime Generative Processes (Riekoff) were presented in galleries, museums and festivals like CTM, Berlin or SONAR, Barcelona.

Dedicated to ClubCulture MS actively performs as Musician and VJ.


Michel Pougin was born in 76 and is a real chemical brother in the truest sense of the word. He is a chemistrystudent and a producer of authentic trancemusic. Michel runs his own studio where he tries to find the formula for the perfect groove and works for Roland as a sound designer and is Roland´s first call guy when it comes to demonstrate groove gear products in germany. Website: www.carbon-music.de.

Shinichiro Murayama is a musical creator involved in a broad range of activities that include composition, arranging, producing, chorus, and engineering for numerous top artists, regardless of generation.
He is particularly strong in creating R&B sounds and is known for his powerful rhythm arrangements. He has been using Roland products for a long time, and has built up a collection of historic models over the course of his own development. He has provided demo songs for the Fantom-S series and patterns for the MC-909. He will be releasing his first solo album in the spring of 2006.

Born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1972, Steven Keen joined the Tivoli Guard at age 11 and took piano lessons. Already at age 6 he developed an interest in electronic music and instruments, and has written and produced music mainly with computers and synthesizers since the late 1980’s. He has co-written and produced for numerous local dance- and pop-acts such as Sound Of Seduction, SOAP and Blaa Oejne, as well as vocal coaching and remixing.

Sterling Moss is a unique DJ from the UK, considered as an innovator in his highly technical style using 3 decks, fx and a 909 which comes together in an explosive mix. As well as being globally recognized for these skills, Sterling also runs his own record label ‘Racetrax’, as well as producing and remixing for a number of other labels, which has seen his work feature in the UK top 40 charts.

Tetsuya Tamura started DJing in ’93. As the producer of the production group “Yokota Shoukai,” he has been responsible for numerous compositions, arrangements, programming, and engineering for both Japanese and Western artists.
Since 2001 he has been active as an artist under the name “Remo-con.” He has released singles on the “HELLHOUSE RECORDINGS” label run by “Yoji Biomehanika” as well as from the German label “TRACID TRAXXX.”

Tim Hüfken 28 years old and born in the Netherlands. Now residing in Belgium he is the dance gear and Cakewalk / Edirol demonstrator for Roland Central Europe. He is a dj and producer too and has a company in advertising graphics and AV postproduction. His musical preferences are very diverse and go from lounge to hardstyle. He has made records and remixes for various artists and is still active as a dj and producer in the Benelux area.