Roland Europe

In 2004, after several years of research, a dream of Roland founder Mr. Ikutaro Kakehashi came true: the V-Accordion was born. This instrument was the world’s first fully digital accordion, powered by the groundbreaking new Physical Behavior Modeling technology.

Bringing together the playability of a fine acoustic accordion with all the conveniences of a modern digital instrument, the V-Accordion was immediately embraced by players around the world. Today, the V-Accordion lineup has grown to include a wide range of models, from student instruments to full-featured professional accordions.

Made in Italy

V-Accordions are manufactured in Italy by Roland Europe, in Acquaviva Picena in the Marche region. This factory is part of the Roland Corporation group, whose headquarters are located in Japan. The production of V-Accordions is a long, accurate, and precisely arranged working process resulting from a strong passion to create appealing, high-quality products.