The V-Drums Experience: Innovation & Value

Roland has been designing groundbreaking electronic percussion products for decades. With the introduction of V-Drums in 1997, a new era of electronic percussion was born. By combining innovative technologies with the dynamic playing experience that drummers expect, Roland V-Drums have become the standard by which all other electronic drum kits are measured.

Here is an overview of the superior technologies and playability you’ll experience with Roland V-Drums.

Patented Multi-Layer Mesh Heads

Mesh Head AdvantageRoland’s mesh heads accurately reproduce your drumming techniques with outstanding responsiveness and sensitivity, and are easily adjustable to fit your individual playing style. Watch the Mesh Head Advantage video.

  • Superior Playing Feel

    You’ll experience a great acoustic drum feel when playing Roland V-Drums. Roland’s patented multi-layer mesh drumheads play and react similarly to the drumheads on acoustic drums. Designed to respond to the subtle nuances of your playing, they ensure that your drumming techniques are accurately reproduced. The multi-layer mesh head design allows a much wider tension range than single-layer mesh heads, so you can easily tension the heads for exactly the right feel to fit your playing style with a standard drum key.

  • A Quiet Innovation

    Mesh Head TextureThe unique design of the V-Drums’ mesh heads results in a drumhead that produces very little acoustic noise when struck. (The same is true when you play rim shots on the V-Drums’ rubber-coated rims.) This gives you a tremendous advantage in venues where the sound level of acoustic drums is an issue. With V-Drums, you can play with all the intensity you like, yet easily control the sound level with a twist of the volume knob. And for those late-night practice and recording sessions, just plug in a set of headphones.

  • Quality & Durability

    Roland products are known for quality and durability and Roland multi-layer mesh heads are no exception. Designed to respond to the subtleties of your playing, Roland’s mesh heads are also extremely durable and can handle even the most aggressive drumming.