Sound Expansion

Roland & Dallapé — Tradition Inside Innovation

Dallapé Sound Expansion

VA-SE02 (FR-7x & FR-3x)

In September 2010, Roland and Dallapé joined forces to give birth to a project that is bound to become another landmark in music history. Dallapé’s historical models such as the 1871, Liturgica, and many others displayed at the Accordion Museum in Stradella can now be played again by all accordionists and lovers of such epoch-making instruments.

How is this possible? Roland has released a USB memory package containing the sounds of these historical acoustic accordions, which were obtained by means of a sophisticated and refined sampling process.

The Dallapé Sound Library is now available as a sound expansion package, which can be easily used in the Roland FR-7x and FR-3x V-Accordion models.

Alpine Sound Expansion

Alpine Sound Expansion

VA-SE01 (FR-7x, FR-3x & FR-18d)

The Alpine expansion for the FR-7x, FR-3x, and FR-18 diatonic V-Accordions contains the sounds of German folk acoustic accordions and typical Oberkrainer orchestral instruments.

These sounds are dedicated to Oberkrainer music, the traditional music genre of Slovenia, Austria, and Germany.

This sound expansion contains special samples of characteristic instruments for this kind of music, like baritone horn, clarinet, guitar, trumpet, and bass tuba. Dedicated sets are also included so users can play Oberkrainer music without any pre-programming work.