The Line-Up

The Roland V-Accordion series of piano-type instruments comprises three models and three color variations: the FR-7x (black, red, or white); FR-3x (black or white); and FR-1x (black or red). The white versions of the FR-7x and FR-3x also feature decorated handmade bellows and attractive accessories made from real leather and Alcantara®.

The flagship FR-7x provides 41 velocity-sensitive piano-type keys with aftertouch, 120 bass buttons, 80 accordion sets, and a Master bar. The lightweight and portable FR-3x is fitted with 37 velocity-sensitive keys and 120 bass buttons.

Compact and flexible, the FR-1x is ideal for young students and stage performers. Equipped with the latest V-Accordion technology, the FR-1x sets a new standard in learning and live performance with its excellent sound quality, small size, and attractive price.

The V-Accordion offers selectable Bass & Chord modes (seven modes: two Bass Rows, three Bass Rows A7th, three Bass Rows A5dim, three Bass Rows B7th, three Bass Rows B5dim, three Bs Rows Bx 7th, three Bass Rows Belgium) and Free Bass modes (five modes: Minor 3rd, Bajan, Fifth, N.Europe, Finnish).

Artist Feature

Sergio Scappini

Sergio Scappini

Sergio Scappini teaches accordion at the renowned “Giuseppe Verdi” Music Academy in Milan. He’s won many national and international competitions, among them the XXIV Trophée Mondial de la C.M.A. (Confédération Mondiale de l’Accordéon).

Roland Europe invited him to collaborate on its V-Accordion project, and he later showcased the instrument in Italy, the United States, Germany, Japan, China, South Korea, Switzerland, Canada, Croatia, Australia, and Spain. Currently, Sergio is actively involved in the promotional activities for the V-Accordion, aimed at unconditionally spreading the value of the accordion instrument worldwide. In November 2010, he received the Hamamatsu Electronic Arts Award from the Roland Foundation for his contributions to the performance and promotion of electronic musical instruments.