The Arrival of The Digital Guitar Amp


In this video Michael “Nomad” Ripoll demonstrates the GA-112‘s channel switching capability. For Michael, the GA Amp is a welcoming extension to his guitar rig because it covers a wide range of frequencies which eliminate the need for separate amps. This enables him to travel lighter and with less bulk. Furthermore, the amp’s wide frequency range gives hime the freedom to incorporate guitar synthesizers which vary in sounds and tones.

Up until now, a “truly great amp” usually meant an all-tube design. But while these amps can sound amazing, they often deliver only one or two basic tone flavors. There are other downsides, too: they’re very expensive, relatively fragile, and require tube changes and other regular maintenance to make them sound their best all the time. Roland’s GA Amp series are digital, which eliminate all these downsides.

Moving to the right, the Progressive Amp section has DRIVE and VOLUME knobs, with VOICE and BOOST switches that allow you to shape the amp’s gain and tone character. Next are BASS, MIDDLE, and TREBLE tone controls, with a mid-boost switch for adding a little fatness. A and B EFX LOOP switches give you convenient front-panel on/off control of the amp’s two effects loops. Finally, the master section has PRESENCE and REVERB knobs, as well as a MASTER knob to control the overall level.

Below the amp’s knobs are five Smart Channel switches that allow you to harness the programmable digital power of the GA series. So often, “programmable” means “complicated” or “confusing,” but don’t worry—that’s not the case here. The Smart Channel always saves your changes to the panel’s knob and switch settings automatically, and you can recall one of four saved settings for all controls with a simple button-push. In addition, the glowing LED knobs clearly indicate their positions when you select a memory. There’s also a MANUAL option for tweaking settings without changing your preset memories. Add the extra foot switch and control the channel switching hands free.

In this video Michael “Nomad” Ripoll demonstrates how easy it is to connect the GA-112. The rear panel provides connections for the optional GA-FC GA Foot Controller. With a convenient 1/4-inch TRS cable connection, the compact and intuitive GA-FC gives you foot selection of your Smart Channel settings, as well on/off control for gain boost, mid boost, EFX A and B, and reverb. The GA-FC also has jacks for connecting optional expression pedals (such as the FV-500HFV-500L, or EV-5) to control DRIVE and VOLUME. Next to the FOOT CONTROL/LINK IN jack on the GA rear panel is a LINK OUT jack that lets you use a single GA-FC to control two GA amps at once. (To link amps together, use a 1/4-inch TRS cable to connect LINK OUT on one amp to FOOT CONTROL/LINK IN on the other.)

In this video Michael “Nomad” Ripoll demonstrates how quiet the GA-112s are.