Bass Gliding With John Whitt Jr.

Touring keyboard player, John Whitt Jr. demonstrates some funky bass licks and his bass glide technique on the JUPITER-80. Watch as the selected sound (Reso Bump) changes as the different solo parts are adjusted to create a new feel.

Off camera, John explained that the JUPITER’s versatility is what attracted him to the synthesizer in the first place. In a single night he’ll cover multiple genres such as ballads, rock, POP, R&B, house, and even dub step. To cover all these parts with speed and precision, he combines the JUPITER-80, a JUPITER-50, and an RD-700NX.

John currently tours with Australian pop sensation, Cody Simpson, who’s signed to Atlantic Records. Simpson has over 140,000,000 YouTube views and is currently touring with Justin Bieber. If you still haven’t heard of the rising teen idol, here is a clip from the Ellen show.