BOSS Pedals with Multi-Dimensional Processing

3 stompbox 1

BOSS has just released three compact effects pedals equipped with an exciting new technology called Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP). A breakthrough in tone for guitarists, MDP delivers fresh, bold sounds with a previously unattainable range of expression.

da-2_env1DA-2 Adaptive Distortion
Unlike normal distortions pedals, the DA-2 creates distortion tones that adapt in real time to different registers and playing dynamics. The result is truly amazing—dialed-in distortion that sounds killer wherever you play on the neck, plus incredible clarity on chords, even with high-gain settings.


mo-2_env1MO-2 Multi Overtone
The MO-2 uses your guitar’s rich harmonic characteristics to morph your sound into a wide range of unique and expressive tones. You’ve got to check it out—it’s truly an all-new voice for your axe.



te-2_env1TE-2 Tera Echo—The 100th BOSS Stomp!
With the power of MDP, the TE-2 produces a rich and dynamic new ambience effect that goes way beyond normal delay and reverb. In addition to its impressive sound, it holds the distinction of being the 100th model in the long history of BOSS compact pedals.



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