CUBE Lite Amps with iOS Interfacing and CUBE JAM App


Roland’s all-new CUBE Lite series introduces a fresh concept in amplification. The CUBE Lite Guitar Amplifier (for guitarists) and CUBE Lite MONITOR (for keyboard/synth players and vocalists) are compact, home-based amps with stylish looks and built-in iOS audio interfaces, making it easy to integrate with music apps on your favorite Apple mobile devices. Featuring awesome 2.1 Channel sound, the CUBE Lite series works equally well for playing instruments and enjoying your digital music library in the comfort of your living space.

CUBE JAM, a free companion app, turns your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into a fun command center for jamming, recording, and learning. Play songs and backing tracks from your iTunes library through the i-CUBE LINK interface in the CUBE Lite, then jam and sing along with the music with great sound and effects. You can even record your performances in CUBE JAM and share your mixes on the web! The app also has cool features for music practice, including Center Cancel, tempo/key adjustment, and more.

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