See What’s New In SONAR X2 Producer

Take an in-depth tour of the powerful features of SONAR X2 Producer including R-MIX SONAR, Console Emulation, Matrix, BREVERB and Take Lanes.

Cakewalk recently released SONAR X2a, an update adding touch support and other improvements to this already impressive DAW. Brandon Ryan and Seth Perlstein gave a live demonstration of SONAR X2 a few weeks before it was released last fall. This 1.5 hour demonstration is packed with useful tips, tricks and feature explanations. Whether you already own SONAR X2 or are looking to add this powerful DAW to your studio, this video is a must watch.

R-Mix Sonar Cakewalk by Roland


This manipulation plugin is powered by Roland’s newly developed V-Remastering technology in conjunction with VariPhrase. It lets you see the components of a stereo mix as color-coded clouds of energy and harmonic matter as the track plays.  Some musicians have described it  as “visual sound.”

Console Emulator

This plug-in emulates some important analog console characteristics. While these effects are subtle, they’re noticeable; and now thanks to the Console Emulator, they’re controllable as well.

BREVERB Sonar plugin


This is a high quality reverberation plug-in modeled on the most acclaimed hardware classics and is the ultimate solution to any recording, mixing and live situation.  It comprises four different algorithms, Hall, Room, Plate and Inverse, each one accurately modeled and engineered with no compromises in sound quality, as well as a global EQ section.

Take Lanes 

The ability to loop, record and then edit multiple takes is nothing new. What is new with Take Lanes is the ability to set independent Edit Filter views for each of the lanes. This might seem insignificant at first, but when you think about it, this opens up a world of possibilities.