NEW MICRO Series Amps Get a Major Update

Roland has just introduced the MICRO CUBE GX Guitar Amplifier, the replacement for the long-running MICRO CUBE. Available in three different colors, the new MICRO CUBE GX retains the tiny size, huge sound, and battery-powered operation of its predecessor, while adding new sounds and updated features for enhanced versatility. The addition of Roland’s innovative i-CUBE LINK audio interface lets you easily integrate your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with the MICRO CUBE GX, opening up a world of possibilities for practice at home and on the road, mobile recording with popular music apps, and beyond.

Improving a Legend

Thanks to its sweet COSM tones and ultra-compact, go-anywhere size, the original Roland MICRO CUBE became the most popular battery-powered amp ever made. In continuous production for nearly ten years, the miniature powerhouse has been an essential companion for guitarists all over the world. MICRO CUBEs are used everywhere—bedrooms, hotel rooms, house parties, beaches, backstage green rooms on tour, you name it.

Roland MICRO CUBE GX (Black)

Roland MICRO CUBE GX in black

The new MICRO CUBE GX gives players everything they love about the original MICRO CUBE and much more. EXTREME brings the total of onboard amps to eight, providing an ultra-heavy, mega-gain option alongside versatile amp voices such as JC CLEAN, BLACK PANEL, CLASSIC STACK, and others. A HEAVY OCTAVE effect has been added to the EFX selection, providing low-end fatness that works great with distorted tones. Independent DELAY/REVERB is included as well, now with a SPRING option that’s ideal for lathering your axe in retro reverb for surf and other vintage styles.


Roland MICRO CUBE GX Top Panel in white

The MICRO CUBE GX is Loaded with Features

With the newly added MEMORY function, you can save and recall all amp, effects, and EQ settings with a single touch. This effectively turns the MICRO CUBE GX into a dual-channel amp, allowing you to toggle between the current knob settings and a previously saved setup. This is great for switching between lead and rhythm tones or instantly calling up a custom sound for a specific song or style.

The MICRO CUBE runs on eight AA-size alkaline or rechargeable NiMH batteries, and can also be powered by the included AC adapter. Up to 25 hours of playing time is possible with NiMH batteries, so you can enjoy uninterrupted fun with the MICRO CUBE GX while jamming at home, the beach, camping trips, and parties. The included carrying strap makes it easy to carry the amp everywhere.

Increased power output delivers even better performance than before, and a chromatic tuner is built in, eliminating the need to carry an external tuner. The MICRO CUBE GX also features an output jack for capturing studio-quality guitar tones direct to recording devices. This output doubles as a headphone jack that mutes the internal speaker for silent practice sessions.

MICRO CUBE GX Battery Compartment

MICRO CUBE GX Battery Compartment

i-CUBE LINK for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch



The MICRO CUBE GX features Roland’s innovative i-CUBE LINK interface for Apple’s iOS devices. Via the included cable, i-CUBE LINK connects directly to the audio jack on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and provides two-way communication with your favorite music apps. This gives you a simple and convenient way to play along with music tracks and send pro-level COSM guitar tones with effects straight into the recording app of your choice.

Plug into the Free CUBE JAM App!

CUBE JAM Main Screen

CUBE JAM Main Screen

Roland’s free CUBE JAM app turns your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into a fun and powerful tool for jamming, recording, and learning. You can play along with commercial songs and minus-one tracks through the CUBE-GX series via i-CUBE LINK, and record COSM amp tones right back into the app. CUBE JAM is also ideal for practicing, providing powerful playback features like independent speed/pitch adjustment for slowing fast passages and playing in different keys, Center Cancel for removing solos and vocals from music tracks, and more.

Learn more about the new MICRO CUBE GX at RolandConnect.com.

Download CUBE JAM from the App Store.