New BOSS OD-1X Overdrive & DS-1X Distortion

Advanced BOSS Technologies for Premium Performance

Taking the famous BOSS overdrive and distortion into an all-new era, the OD-1X and DS-1X deliver sound quality, dynamic response, and tonal clarity at a level that you won’t believe. Leveraging over 35 years of tone know-how, these special edition pedals feature advanced BOSS technology for performance that’s light years beyond the capabilities of any traditional analog design.

OD-1X OverDrive Sound Preview

DS-1X Distortion Sound Preview

Stomp Into the Future of Overdrive and Distortion

The OD-1X and DS-1X have been developed with the same spirit of innovation that’s driven BOSS from the very beginning. No simple reissues of past designs, these are thoroughly modern pedals, incorporating the latest technologies and decades of experience to create the very best tone possible.

Powered by BOSS’ magical Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP), the OD-1X and DS-1X offer a gain experience like no other pedals you’ve ever played. In real time, they adapt to your playing to provide perfect tones in every register, and at every gain setting. No matter where you are on the neck, the tone is just right, with no muddiness or harshness whatsoever.

BOSS OD-1X Overdrive

BOSS OD-1X OverDrive

In addition, the OD-1X and DS-1X have a much wider sound range than typical grit pedals. This equates to a fuller, richer tone, and a much bigger sound than traditional overdrive and distortion stomps. Both pedals are also extremely responsive to volume control changes and picking dynamics, putting an inspiring range of expression under your fingers.

BOSS DS-1X Distortion

BOSS DS-1X Distortion

The bottom line is that these pedals truly sound incredible. But don’t take our word for it—go out and try them for yourself. After you play the OD-1X and DS-1X, you may never go back to standard analog overdrive and distortion pedals again.

Premium Looks, Premium Packaging

The OD-1X and DS-1X not only sound amazing, they look amazing as well. Each is equipped with a thick chrome control plate, along with exclusive chrome knobs never used on BOSS pedals before. The battery compartment screw is silver, a nod back to the original-issue BOSS stomps from the 1970s. These special edition pedals also come in premium black boxes that you’ll definitely want to save.

BOSS OD-1X and DS-1X

BOSS OD-1X OverDrive & DS-1X Distortion


BOSS OD-1X OverDrive & DS-1X Distortion Packaging

OD-1X OverDrive Demonstration

DS-1X Distortion Demonstration

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