FR-8x V-Accordion Version 2.0 Update

Player-Requested Feature Enhancements for the Flagship V-Accordion Series

Roland FR-8x V-Accordion Version 2.0

Roland has just announced the release of a major system update for the FR-8x, the flagship series of the V-Accordion lineup. FR-8x Version 2.0 software adds significant improvements and feature enhancements based on input from the world’s top players, making the premier V-Accordions more powerful and versatile than ever. Quick and easy to install via a USB memory stick, the update will be available as a free download for all FR-8x and FR-8xb owners starting on October 31, 2014.

About the FR-8x Version 2.0 Update

Offered in piano- and button-type models, the FR-8x series represents the pinnacle of Roland’s revolutionary V-Accordion technology. Combining traditional playability with the convenience and versatility of modern technology, the FR-8x has been embraced as the digital instrument of choice by prominent players such as Sergio Scappini, Ludovic Beier, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Nora Kirkpatrick, and numerous others.

For the Version 2.0 update, Roland listened to the requests of experienced accordionists to enhance the FR-8x’s already impressive features and usability. Improvements include many new drum and orchestral parameters, increased control of audio files, extended looper functionality, updated Orchestra Chord voicing capabilities, and more. You can see a complete list of what’s new at the end of the article.

Roland FR-8x V-Accordion Version 2.0 in Black Finish

Roland FR-8x V-Accordion in black finish.

The V-Accordion Lineup: Moving Into the Future

Since the first V-Accordion was released to universal acclaim in 2004, the lineup has grown to include numerous models that cover the needs of all accordionists, from student to pro. Today, Roland remains dedicated to the ongoing development of these unique, specialized instruments.

In September 2014, Roland announced a manufacturing agreement with FATAR Srl that keeps production of the entire V-Accordion range in Italy, the birthplace of the accordion. FATAR’s craftsmanship and quality standards are renowned in the music products industry, and an experienced Roland V-Accordion team is based at FATAR to oversee the manufacturing process.

Roland FR-8xb V-Accordion Version 2.0 in Red Finish

Roland FR-8xb V-Accordion in red finish.

Get the FR-8x V-Accordion Version 2.0 Software

Beginning on October 31, 2014, FR-8x V-Accordion Version 2.0 software will available as a free download at the FR-8x and FR-8xb product pages at

The next day, on November 1, accordionist Uwe Steger will debut the FR-8x V-Accordion Version 2.0 update as part of the 67th Coupe Mondiale in Salzburg, Austria. This dedicated workshop will be available to view online at the Coupe Mondiale website starting at 4:00 p.m. CET (Central European Time).

Learn more about the entire lineup of V-Accordions at the product pages at

FR-8x Version 2.0 Added Functions

  • New Drum Edit parameters added.
  • The ability to save WAV/MP3 volume in a user program has been added.
  • The ability to link a WAV/MP3 file to a user program has been added.
  • WAV/MP3 volume level is now displayed on the main page.
  • A new shortcut has been added from the main page to control WAV/MP3 level.
  • The ability to save Scale Tuning in a user program has been added.
  • Scale Tune On status is now displayed on the main page.
  • Transpose On status is now displayed on the main page.
  • New Sordina Switch parameter added.
  • Sordina On status is displayed on the main page
  • Zone, High, and Low switch parameters added.
  • New Lowest Note values added in 8.2 Tone Control parameters.
  • Transmission of MIDI sustain data can now be turned on or off.
  • Poly/Mono and Portamento Time parameters added for Orchestra sounds.
  • Minimum Bellows parameter added in Dynamic Bellows Behavior.
  • A Copy Register feature has been added.
  • Transpose Status is now saved with a user program.
  • Voicing parameter added in Orchestra Chord sections.
  • Recorded loops can now be saved for later use.
  • Loop Level parameter added to control volume of loop playback.
  • A saved loop can be linked to a user program.
  • Added a parameter to assign the Effect knob to control cutoff and resonance.