New Product: WEARPRO Mic for GoPro HERO Cameras

Bring High-Quality Stereo and Binaural Sound to Your GoPro Videos


Skateboarder ready to shoot a live-action video with the Roland WEARPRO Mic and a GoPro HERO camera.

Do you own a HERO3, HERO3+, or HERO4 video camera from GoPro®? If so, it’s now easy and affordable to upgrade its onboard sound-capture capabilities with Roland’s leading audio technology. Specially designed for the popular camera series, the WEARPRO Mic makes it simple to add high-quality stereo and binaural audio soundtracks to live-action videos, webcasts, location shoots, and more. Just wear the mics like earphones or clip them anywhere, plug into the camera’s mini-USB port, and start shooting!

The Easy Way to Capture Pro Sound with HERO Cameras

GoPro’s HERO cameras are wildly popular, thanks to their portability and excellent video quality. The WEARPRO Mic delivers a big improvement on the HERO’s built-in mic, giving you professional-level sound for all your videos. With its convenient wearable design, the WEARPRO Mic goes everywhere with you and your camera. And since the high-quality condenser mic elements get their power directly from the HERO, you don’t have to worry about external power supplies or batteries—simply plug in and go.


Compatible with the HERO3, HERO3+, and HERO4 cameras from GoPro, the WEARPRO Mic is portable and easy to use.

Big Versatility: Binaural and Stereo Recording Capability

The WEARPRO Mic can be used two different ways. The simplest approach is to place the two microphone elements in your ears and wear them like earphones as you shoot. Four different rubber sleeve pairs are included to fit ear sizes from kids to adults. Thanks to the open-air structure of the WEARPRO Mic design, outside sounds are never blocked from your ears, so you can remain audibly connected to your surroundings at all times. Alternately, you can snap on the included clip mounts and attach the mics anywhere you need them.


The WEARPRO Mic can be placed in your ears like earphones, or mounted to nearly any surface with the included clip mounts.

When you wear the WEARPRO Mic like earphones, sounds are automatically captured using a process known as “binaural recording.” Since the mic elements are placed in your ears, they “listen” to sounds the way you naturally hear them. The resulting recordings put listeners right in the middle of the video environment, with sounds coming from all directions in a 360-degree space. This first-person audio perspective delivers an organic sound experience that can’t be fully captured with typical stereo mic placements. Binaural recording is perfect for action and location shoots, giving your video viewers the true sense of “being there.”

WEAR PRO Mic Sound Applications

Anywhere you shoot, the WEARPRO Mic is ideal for creating immersive, high-quality audio soundtracks to accompany your GoPro videos.

Binaural recordings sound great when played on normal freestanding speakers in a room. However, the immersive, multi-dimensional effect is most powerful when heard with headphones or earphones. This places the sound presentation right at the listener’s ears, accurately recreating the same sonic experience as when you originally recorded the soundtrack.

Binaural Recording with the WEARPRO Mic

When wearing the WEARPRO Mic like earphones, sounds are naturally captured with the binaural recording process.

With the clip mounts, the WEARPRO Mic can be used for normal recording applications where you might not want or need the binaural effect. You can clip the mic elements on a shirt and use them like lavalier mics, perfect for interviews and webcast narration. To record a musical instrument, clip them on a music stand or on the instrument itself. And by mounting them on a selfie stick, you can easily move them around to best capture whatever sounds you’d like to record.


Skateboarder in action with the WEARPRO Mic and HERO camera.

Two windscreens are included, which can help reduce wind noise in some outdoor settings. However, note that the WEARPRO Mic is not designed to be used in situations where the microphone elements are directly exposed to extreme airflow noise, such as motorcycle riding, skydiving, and other high-speed activities.

WEARPRO Mic: HERO Camera Compatibility

The WEARPRO Mic can be used with a GoPro HERO camera that has a mini-USB port that supports external stereo microphones. The HERO3, HERO3+, and HERO4 models include this feature, and are compatible with the WEARPRO Mic. Models such as the HERO4 Session, HERO2, and HERO are not compatible.

To learn more about features and compatibility, visit the WEARPRO Mic product page.