New Single by MOON: “I Got a Fever”

Live Performance and Interview at Roland Sessions

Moon Band

Fronted by Chelsea Davis (vocals/drums) and Dan Silver (guitar/synth), MOON descends the spirits of lush soundscapes over gritty beats with insatiable attitude. Embracing genres from shoegaze, desert rock, folk, and soul, they maintain a healthy electronic presence in their sound. Read on to check out a Roland Sessions performance of “I Got a Fever,” the band’s latest single, plus an interview where they talk about how they use their Roland gear.

MOON: Live at Roland Sessions

MOON Interview

MOON: Roland and BOSS Gear

MOON relies on a wide selection of Roland and BOSS gear to deliver their unique, highly textured sound. For his guitar tones, Dan Silver uses a BOSS OS-2 Overdrive/Distortion, which he loves to kick on for extra gain on solos. On the synth side, Dan plays many different Roland models, and the SYSTEM-1 is a particular favorite. He praises it for its mobility, hands-on interface, and the ability to load it up with different PLUG-OUT synths. “You plug it out and you take it with you, and so all the sounds are in there right now,” says Dan. “And if I go back to my computer, I can change it out for other sounds. I think that’s really amazing with this keyboard.”

In addition to singing and playing drums in MOON, Chelsea Davis also plays bass. When performing as duo, they play to studio bass tracks performed by Chelsea. And when they have the opportunity to use a bigger band, she switches over to bass. When she’s drumming live, she uses Roland’s RT-series acoustic drum triggers to trigger samples in the SPD-SX Sampling Pad. The SPD-SX is also used to play backing tracks and/or control Ableton Live software. “The SPD-SX makes it very easy for us to be flexible,” says Chelsea. “I can play drums, put bass on the track, and go for it. We’re not stuck having to stack musicians all the time; we can do it on our own. It’s a really phenomenal piece of gear.”

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