Aerophone Editor App for iOS and Android Now Available

Free App for the Aerophone AE-10 Lets Users Customize Sounds, Create Tone Lists, and More

Aerophone Editor

Attention Aerophone AE-10 players: we’ve just released a great new app that unlocks even more expressive possibilities with your instrument! With the Aerophone Editor, you now have access to many parameters not directly available on the Aerophone AE-10 itself. This enables you to create your own multi-layered sounds, adjust breath, bite, and thumb control assignments, and more. You can also edit MIDI control assignments, making the instrument even more powerful for playing software-based instruments on a computer. In addition to its editing features, the app also provides the ability to organize sounds into tone lists for different playing situations.

Read on to find out more about this must-have app for all Aerophone AE-10 owners.

Sample screenshots from the Aerophone Editor app.

Sample screenshots from the Aerophone Editor app.

Learn More About the Aerophone Editor

You can find detailed information at the Aerophone Editor page at the Roland website.

The Aerophone Editor is free, and it’s available for both iOS devices and Android devices.

To use the Aerophone Editor, you need to connect a USB cable from the Aerophone AE-10’s USB port to your device.

Checking the Aerophone AE-10 System Version

Your Aerophone AE-10 needs to be running system version 2.10 or later for compatibility with the Aerophone Editor.

You can check the system version as follows:

  1. With the Aerophone AE-10 powered on, press the Menu button to display the menu screen.
  2. Use the left and right cursor buttons under the Menu button to display “Version.” The current version is shown on the display.
  3. Press the Tone button to return to the tone selection screen.

If your instrument is running an older system version, you’ll need to update it to use the app. The latest system version is available at the Aerophone AE-10 Downloads page. Carefully read the information and instructions at the download link before updating your Aerophone AE-10.

Video: Roland Aerophone Editor Overview

About the Aerophone AE-10

The innovative Aerophone AE-10 is Roland’s very first digital wind instrument. Since its introduction in September 2016, it’s received high praise from wind players around the world. Equipped with SuperNATURAL® technology, the Aerophone AE-10 delivers natural, expressive sounds and inspiring playability. A newly developed mouthpiece-mounted breath sensor provide ultra-sensitive response, while the bite-sensing reed enables expressive control over vibrato and pitch.

Aerophone AE-10.

The Aerophone AE-10 includes authentic soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone sax sounds, enabling sax players to address all their gigging needs in one convenient instrument. And with a key layout that’s similar to an acoustic saxophone, the Aerophone AE-10 is an easy transition for players of all levels. Numerous other acoustic woodwind and brass instruments are also on board, plus a wide range of synthesizer sounds optimized for breath control. Via USB, the Aerophone AE-10 becomes a highly expressive MIDI wind controller for playing software instruments and recording MIDI tracks in a computer DAW. (As noted earlier, USB is also used for communication with the Aerophone Editor app.)

The Aerophone Editor communicates with the iOS device via USB.

The Aerophone Editor communicates with the iOS device via USB.

Highly portable, the Aerophone AE-10 can run on batteries or via an included AC adapter. Onboard speakers provide enough volume for practice and close-in performing, and quiet playing is possible with headphones. Of course, the Aerophone AE-10 is also equipped with an output jack for connection to a stage amplifier, PA system, or audio recording device.

Learn more about the groundbreaking Aerophone AE-10 at the Roland website.

The Aerophone AE-10 can be played anywhere with headphones or onboard speakers.

You can play the battery-powered Aerophone AE-10 anywhere with headphones or onboard speakers.