RD-2000 Version 1.50 Update Now Available

New Sounds and Features Added to Roland’s Flagship Stage Piano

Roland RD-2000 Stage Piano with optional KS-G8B stand.

Roland RD-2000 Stage Piano with included damper pedal and optional KS-G8B stand.

Equipped with dual sound engines, Roland’s finest hammer-action keyboard, and a vast array of master controller features, the RD-2000 is the instrument of choice for top touring pros around the world. The recent Version 1.50 firmware update makes our flagship stage piano even more powerful, adding seven new grand piano sounds, a new rotary effect, and various performance enhancements requested by RD users. It also adds compatibility for two all-new sound expansion collections, which are available for free at Roland’s Axial website.

Get the RD-2000 Version 1.50 Update

The user-installable Version 1.50 update is available for free on the Downloads page for the RD-2000.

Roland RD-2000 Stage Piano

RD-2000 Version 1.50: Newly Added Features

New Grand Piano Sounds

The RD-2000 features a dedicated acoustic piano engine powered by Roland’s acclaimed V-Piano technology, offering exceptional tone and response with full polyphony. Version 1.50 adds seven all-new acoustic piano sounds to the Concert Grand category, providing even more tonal options to choose from.

Roland RD-2000 Stage Piano

New Rotary Effect

The RD-2000’s dedicated Tremolo/Amp Simulator section gives you the ability to infuse EPs, organs, and other sounds with authentic vintage color. There are a variety of effects types available in the section, each with an extensive set of parameters for fine-tuning your tones. Version 1.50 adds a Rotary Type2 effect, providing an alternate option to the original Rotary effect included in the RD-2000.

Support for the New RD-EXP05 and RD-EXP06 Sound Expansion Collections

In addition to its massive selection of factory-loaded sounds, the RD-2000 is equipped with two expansion banks that can be filled with additional sounds from free expansion collections available at Roland’s Axial website. Two new collections have just been added, bringing the current total to six. Visit the RD-2000 expansion page to download collections and listen to sound clips.

Sound expansion collections for the RD-2000.

The RD-EXP05 Virtual Tone Wheel Organ Collection features 31 types of organ sounds suitable for all styles of music. These sounds take advantage of the new Rotary Type2 effect added with Version 1.50, and rotary speed has been mapped to Mod Wheel 2 and the Tone Color knob for quick-access control.

The RD-EXP06 Analog/Digital Vintage Synth Collection features selected sounds from famous Roland synths like the D-50, JUNO-106, JUPITER-80, and others. There are 125 ready-to-play sounds in this special collection, which also includes classic tones from a number of non-Roland vintage synths.

Roland RD-2000 Stage Piano

New Performance Functions

Startup Mode—With this new system function, you can specify the program and scene that’s selected each time you turn on the power.

Harmonic Bar/Percussion MIDI Control—The Harmonic Bar/Percussion settings of an RD-2000 organ sound can now be remotely operated via MIDI control change messages from an external device.

Slider Mode Function—This allows you to specify how control data is changed when you move a panel slider on the RD-2000. The Direct option sends data as soon as the slider is moved, while the Catch option starts transmitting data only after the slider passes the stored parameter value.

For more information about the Version 1.50 features, check out the RD-2000 Version 1.50 Supplementary Manual.

Learn More About the RD-2000 Stage Piano

Visit the RD-2000 product page for lots more info on this amazingly powerful and versatile instrument.

With its extensive controller features and integrated USB audio/MIDI interface, the RD-2000 works seamlessly with Apple MainStage and other popular music software.

With its extensive controller features and built-in USB audio/MIDI interface, the RD-2000 integrates seamlessly with Apple MainStage and other popular music software.